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Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

Emotional Banking (Duena Blomstrom)

Emotional Experience (Duena Blomstrom)

Emotional Experience is the only type of user experience we should care about. Money is one of the core concepts of any customer’s emotional well being and it naturally elicits very strong emotions. Financial institutions are the enablers of people’s relationship with money and therefore spend inordinate amounts of time and effort deciphering how their consumers truly feel about it.

Money and Feelings (Duena Blomstrom)

Open Banking (Liz Lumley)

Digital Transformation in Financial Services (Liz Lumley)

European and UK Banking Regulations (Liz Lumley)

Open Banking (Louise Beaumont)

Accelerating Digital Transformation & Innovation (Scarlett Sieber)

The Future of Financial Services: How Banking is Being Disrupted (Scarlett Sieber)

How to Target Millennials (Scarlett Sieber)

Risk, Wealth & Customer Growth – What Bank & Insurance Companies Can Learn From Emerging Markets (Viola Llewellyn)

Women, Leadership & Digital Transformation (Viola Llewellyn)

Wealth and the New Africa (Viola Llewellyn)

Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field (Ghela Boskovich)

Data Is the New Business Model (Ghela Boskovich)

Data-Driven Strategy (John Oliver)

The Supremacy of Convenience (John Oliver)

Disruption, Disintermediation and The New Reality (John Oliver)

Strategy-Development for the New Ecosystem (John Oliver)

25 Ideas That Are Working In Credit Unions (Frank J. Diekmann)

20 Things to Think About in 2020 (Frank J. Diekmann)

Measuring Your Credit Union’s Value Proposition (Mike Higgins, Jr.)

Race to Technology (Josh Cook)

Pandemic + Core Outage (Josh Cook)

Behavioral Economics

Emotional Banking – (Duena Blomstrom)

Emotional Experience – (Duena Blomstrom)

Money and Feelings – (Duena Blomstrom)

Building Your Business

Building Your Business One Relationship at a Time – (Patrick Galvin)
Great relationships are the difference between success and failure in business. Patrick shares simple yet powerful strategies for integrating face-to-face and online networking activities to create lasting connections that will help you stand apart from your competitors and increase repeat and referred business.

Galvanizing Word of Mouth – (Patrick Galvin)
Traditional advertising no longer works for most businesses. Companies need to connect with people in new and creative ways or risk getting lost in commercial clutter. In this fast-paced and entertaining presentation, Patrick provides ideas for galvanizing positive word of mouth that fuels sustainable growth.

Delivering Remarkable Customer Service – (Patrick Galvin)
Whether you deal with customers directly or support those who do, providing a remarkable customer service experience is what keeps people coming back. Patrick will show you how to appeal to distinct personality types to guarantee loyalty and referrals.

Creating a Powerful Brand – (Patrick Galvin)
People want great products and outstanding service, but brand loyalty is an emotion that runs deeper. Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect to connect and communicate with brands using tools that did not exist previously. Patrick shares how to define, develop and disseminate your message to build an irresistibly strong brand with an enthusiastic following.

Startups and Entrepreneurial Topics – Lean Startup, How to Form a Team, Etc. (Liz Lumley)

Pandemic + Core Outage (Josh Cook)

Creative is Still King (Josh Cook)

Perception Plus Leads (Josh Cook)

Communicating in a Crisis (Anthony Huey)

Delivering Your Message on the Front Lines: Customer Service Skills (Anthony Huey)

Talking Like a Leader: Perception is Truth! (Anthony Huey)

Recruit, Retain, Mentor, Motivate (Shari Storm)

Building a More Positive and Productive Work Environment (Shari Storm)

Kids These Days: Capturing the Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of Young Members (Shari Storm)

Capturing the Most Powerful Market: Post Covid (Shari Storm)

Building Confidence in Your Communication Skills (Shari Storm)

Business Etiquette

Spinach in Your Boss’s Teeth and Other Etiquette Dilemmas – (Arden Clise)

Uncommon Courtesy: How Simple Acts Can Make Your Company Soar – (Arden Clise)

Networking with Ease – (Arden Clise)

Digital Diplomacy: Email, Phone, Instant Messaging, and Conference Call Etiquette – (Arden Clise)

Cannabis Industry

Everyday Wisdom From An Extraordinary Industry: Ten Hard-Learned Business Lessons From the First Years of Legal Marijuana (Bruce Barcott)

The Power of Conversation: Why Raising an Uncomfortable Topic Can Change the World — and How to Do It Tonight (Bruce Barcott)

The New Talk: How to Discuss Legal Marijuana With Your Curious Kids and Your Alarmed Parents (Bruce Barcott)

Risky Business: From Extreme Exploration to Cannabis Commerce (Bruce Barcott)

Trump / Sessions: What they Mean to the Budding Cannabis Industry (Bruce Barcott)

Cyber Security

Ten Steps To Mastering Cybersecurity For Home and Business – (Kip Boyle)

Ten Steps To Mastering Cybersecurity For Parents – (Kip Boyle)

How IT Professionals Can Be More Influential – (Kip Boyle)

Cybersecurity 101 For Executives – (Kip Boyle)

Cybersecurity 101 For Board Members – (Kip Boyle)

Digital Detox

Sleeping with Siri (Michael Stusser)

Film & Television

Elvis, Umbrellas and Evergreens – Movies Made in Washington – (Dave Drummond)

Financial Literacy

Growth Through Financial Literacy - (John Lanza)

Raising a Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Child - (John Lanza)

Financial Empowerment is a Necessary Skill for Survival - (Jedidiah Collins)


Thriving in an Era of Digital Disruption: (JP Nicols)
We can no longer define the competition as just other financial institutions. Digital disruption is coming from a whole new crop of competitors that are swiftly gaining customer acceptance and market share. Learn new strategies for addressing today’s unique threats and opportunities.

Bankers are from Mars, Fintechs are From Venus: (JP Nicols)

Innovation is More Than Just The Next Big Idea – (JP Nicols)
Over $40 billion has been invested in fintech over the past three years, but the ‘move fast and break things’ ethos of Silicon Valley doesn’t work in a highly regulated environment. Learn how to get the best of both worlds as we innovate new ideas, yet still effectively manage risk.

Your Fast Follower Strategy is Riskier Than You Realize – (JP Nicols)
Financial services companies are not bleeding edge pioneers for good reason. But how long is too long to wait to adopt new ideas and new technologies? If we wait too long can we ever catch up? Learn how to balance best practices with next practices to drive sustainable growth.

Innovation and Financial Services – (Sam Maule)

The Future of Investing and Wealth Management – (Sam Maule)

FinTech Power Shifts; Offline-Online – (Sam Maule)

Technologies Impact on the Consumer Payments Relationship – (Sam Maule)

Is NFC Dead? – (Sam Maule)

Disruptive Technology (Brent Dixon)

Rapid Prototyping for Financial Technology (Brent Dixon)

Bank/FinTech Partnerships (Liz Lumley)

The History of FinTech – What is FinTech (Liz Lumley)

Accelerating Digital Transformation & Innovation (Scarlett Sieber)

The Future of Financial Services: How Banking is Being Disrupted (Scarlett Sieber)

Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field (Ghela Boskovich)

Data Is the New Business Model (Ghela Boskovich)

Race to Technology (Josh Cook)


Navigating Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19 (Robin L. Shapiro)

Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety (Robin L. Shapiro)

How to Ask for the Care You Deserve (Robin L. Shapiro)


Sparking Innovation at Your Company – (Shari Storm)

Small Is A Mindset, Not An Asset Size (Creating Innovation with Minimal Resources) - (Ronaldo Hardy)
Budgets can be tight, but innovation doesn’t have to be. Often times, we limit the potential of our organization due to our size. This session helps organizations to explore how to make BIG change with small resources.

Retro Innovation (How to Pull From the Past to Create the Future) -  (Ronaldo Hardy)
Sometimes our greatest steps forward come with a blast from the past. In fact, many trends from earlier decades have resurfaced in recent years to create new life and energy in products. Learn how to take the greatness of the past, and craft it into a progressive future.

Frameworks for Successful Experimentation - (Brent Dixon)

Innovation through Community Activation - (Brent Dixon)

Growing from Design Thinking to Systems Thinking - (Brent Dixon)

Supporting Rapid Innovation through Agile Product Design - (Trey Reeme)
Why do financial services incumbents struggle with innovation? Trey Reeme believes the friction keeping many great ideas from making it to market comes from a combination of technical debt, unnecessary risk aversion, and an RFP process stuck in the 20th century. Until prototyping and experimentation become embedded throughout our financial institutions, the gap separating incumbents and startups will shrink.

  • Disruptive Technology
  • Rapid Prototyping for Financial Technology

Women in Tech - (Liz Lumley)

Social Media Use at Financial Services Firms - (Liz Lumley)

Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field - (Ghela Boskovich)

Data Is the New Business Model - (Ghela Boskovich)

Sparking Innovation at Your Credit Union (Shari Storm)


How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line – (Linda Cohen)

Jewels of the Journey: From Grief to Inspiration – (Linda Cohen)

“Just A Mom?” No Way!”: Embracing Your Value and Self-Worth – (Linda Cohen)

1,000 Drops of Kindness – (Linda Cohen)

Effective Leadership – (Ndingui Moussavou)

Change Management – (Ndingui Moussavou)

Expanding Your Mind – (Ndingui Moussavou)

My Shoes, My Journey (Discovering Your Purpose) (Ronaldo Hardy)
We’ve all heard the saying “walk a mile in my shoes.” This statement is used to help others to understand the complexity of our individual journey. At times, it can be easy to look at others, and desire something we don’t understand. Ronaldo tells his personal story of rising from poverty, and poor financial habits to become a millennial CEO. This session will inspire you to discover your why, embrace your purpose, and appreciate your journey.

Sleeping with Siri (Michael Stusser)

Find Your Voice, Make it Heard (Belinda Fu)

Out of the Box: Create a Life with Meaning (Belinda Fu)

Improvisation: Adaptable Skills for an Uncertain World (Belinda Fu)

Pandemic + Core Outage (Josh Cook)

Introverts & Extroverts

Six Things Your Introverted Colleagues Want to Tell You (But Probably Won’t) – (Beth Buelow)
There are simple things that you can do to make your work environment (or home life) more “introvert friendly.” Here’s what introverts wish you knew that can make a huge difference to everyone’s productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Chatty Cathys and Quiet Keiths: A Primer on Cross-Personality Communication – (Beth Buelow)
Trust is a baseline requirement for any functional team or workplace; yet we often fail to build trust because we don’t take the time to understand the motivations that inform how people work and communicate. This interactive session will provide you with insights and tools to help you manage the diverse introvert/extrovert energetic styles of the people on your team.

The Space in Between: The Power of Silence in Life and Leadership – (Beth Buelow)
The world is long on talk and short on reflection. This presentation offers an exploration of what’s possible in the silence—the space in between—as well as how to tap into our introvert energy as leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers

Should I Be Telling You This?: The Delicate Dance of Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability – (Beth Buelow)
How do we walk the fine line between our public and private personas in the age of tell-all platforms? This presentation offers guidance for evaluating your personal story and determining what, when, and how to share with clients and prospects.

Three Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever – (Beth Buelow)
There’s a simple philosophy that separates leaders from managers, the energized from the burned-out. We explore how embracing a coach-approach, counter-intuitive relationship framework benefits you and everyone you work with.


Values Based Leadership – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Perseverance – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Overcoming Challenge – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Global Small Business – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Special Operations Veteran (Ranger) – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Manufacturing Overseas – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Afghanistan – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Free Trade Agreement Importance – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

War Zone Education – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Employing Women – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Effective Leadership – (Ndingui Moussavou (Guy Francis))

Change Management – (Ndingui Moussavou (Guy Francis))

Expanding Your Mind – (Ndingui Moussavou (Guy Francis))

Be a Better Boss – (Shari Storm)

The Elephant in the Room (A Conversation on Race and Gender) - (Ronaldo Hardy)
We all know this can get a little awkward, but it’s a conversation we can’t avoid. What conversations do minorities in your organization desire to have with you? Does your leadership communicate exclusion or inclusion? Learn how to build a diverse team, and an organization where everyone feels both welcomed and a chance at equal opportunity.

The Millennials Are Here (Ronaldo Hardy)
The Millennials are here, and they aren’t going anywhere. They are both your consumers and your employees, and they are a breed of their own. Do you have trouble recruiting or retaining millennial employees? Is your organization struggling to turn millennials into customers? If so, this session is designed to take a deep dive into the mind of the millennial, and to give tips for recruiting them both as consumers and employees.

Sleeping with Siri (Michael Stusser)

Burned Out or Fired Up? Changing Your Culture from the Inside Out (Dan Diamond)

Disaster-Improv: Leading Under Pressure When it Matters Most (Dan Diamond)

Find Your Voice, Make it Heard (Belinda Fu)

Out of the Box: Create a Life with Meaning (Belinda Fu)

Improvisation: Adaptable Skills for an Uncertain World (Belinda Fu)

Hope is a Verb (Amy Downs)

Keeping Your Top Sales Talent Healthy, Happy and Productive (Ty Reed)

After Rehab – Assisting Your Employees as the Return to Work (Ty Reed)

Helping Your People To Become More Agile (Ryan Gottfredson)

Helping Your Organization To Become More Future-Ready (Ryan Gottfredson)

Different World Views: A Guide to Working with Anyone (Dean Smith)

Pandemic + Core Outage (Josh Cook)

Communicating in a Crisis (Anthony Huey)

Delivering Your Message on the Front Lines: Customer Service Skills (Anthony Huey)

Talking Like a Leader: Perception is Truth! (Anthony Huey)

Maintaining Momentum / How to Work Together When We Can’t Be Together (Shari Storm)


Selling Financial Services to Women (Holly Buchanan)

Referrals – How to Grow Your Business by Being More Referable (Holly Buchanan)

Working With Couples – How to Handle Conflicts and Get Couples on the Same Page (Holly Buchanan)

Women Small Business Owners – What They Want and How To Win Their Business (Holly Buchanan)

Understanding Men – What Women Need to Know About Working With and Selling To Men (Holly Buchanan)

Capturing the Most Powerful Market: Moms (Shari Storm)

Divide and Conquer: How Market Segmentation Can Maximize Your Marketing Dollars (Shari Storm)

Brands That Tell, Cultures That Sell. (Ronaldo Hardy)
Hide and go seek is fun for kids, but not so fun when people have to search hard to find who you are as an organization. Our brand tells our story, and it helps us communicate with our target audience. In an evolving, fast-paced society, consumers are looking for brands that stand out, and employees are seeking cultures they connect with. Ronaldo will help you to identify who you are, craft your story, and develop a culture that will deliver your brand.

Personal Branding Strategies (Liz Lumley)

The Art and Science of Data Analytics in Financial Services (Louise Beaumont)

Watch Your Very Own Data Daisy Bloom in the Open Future! (Louise Beaumont)

How to Target Millennials (Scarlett Sieber)

Communicating in a Crisis (Anthony Huey)

Delivering Your Message on the Front Lines: Customer Service Skills (Anthony Huey)


Everyone Has a Story: News, Government, and the Roots of Political Action – (Brian Callanan)

Trump and Sessions: What They Mean to the Budding Cannabis Industry – (Bruce Barcott)

Pandemic / Post Pandemic

Navigating Healthcare in the Time of COVID19 – (Robin Shapiro)

Digital Detox – (Michael Stusser)

Digital Diplomacy: Email, phone, instant messaging and conference call etiquette – (Arden Clise)

How to Work Together When We Can't be Together – (Shari Storm)

Stop Getting Triggered - Keep Your Cool, Win Respect and Increase Influence Using Verbal Aikido – (Holly Buchanan)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Elephant in the Room (A conversation on race and gender) – (Ronaldo Hardy)

Women, Leadership & Digital Transformation – (Viola Llewellyn)