Viola Llewellyn

Viola Llewellyn

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Viola Llewellyn is the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc. Ovamba is an award-winning African “TradeTech” company that creates culturally attuned technologies for Financial Institutions so that they can serve formal and informal African SMEs in the trade & commodities sectors with short term capital and financial inclusion. Ovamba’s solutions combine innovative Sharia-compliant structures with eCommerce, logistics services, and technology to drive financial inclusion and promote growth. Ms. Llewellyn oversees technology development, strategic implementation, investor communications, and global business development for Ovamba.

As a founding team member of a life insurance investment fund ($500M AUM) in Washington, DC, she led investor communications, and asset management divisions. In her past career, she has held positions with Unisys Corporation, IBM, Digital Equipment Corp., KPMG Consulting, BearingPoint, and Rothschild’s.

Ms. Llewellyn was listed in the “Digital Undivided Report” as one of only 34* Black women in the USA to have raised more than $1 million for a technology company as featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. She is listed on Innovate Finance’s 2016, 2017, and 2018’s Women in FinTech Power List and on Latice80’s Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019 list. Ms. Llewellyn is further distinguished by being the first Female African Tech Founder to speak at both “Slush, Helsinki” and “Slush, Tokyo” – yearly events that are billed as the biggest gathering of innovators, funders, startups, and entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia respectively. In late 2018, her TED Talk was included as part of the “Reboot” Series with Boston Consulting Group. Ms. Llewellyn is a published author of The Brooking’s Institute’s “Foresight Africa 2019” article, “Winning in Africa’s FinTech: The Ovamba Way,” and the Wilson Centers’ “Africa: Year In Review 2019.”

She is on a number of advisory boards, including the Africa Fintech Summit, the Africa Professional Services Group, the European Women’s Payment Network, as well as the African Women in Fintech & Payments Network. In June of 2018, Ovamba was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Global Technology Pioneer, securing a 2-year Ambassadorship and a place at the prestigious “Davos Summit” conference. Ms. Llewellyn previously served on the board of Africa’s leading tech hub and incubator ActivSpaces.

Viola Llewellyn’s family is originally from Cameroon. She was born, raised, and educated in the U.K. and lives between the African Continent and the USA.

Speaking Topics

Designing Banking Services to Promote Inclusivity and Growth
At the intersection of BLM and economic empowerment is the opportunity to leverage self-service banking by addressing economic inequities and instability. When customers are understood on a societal and economic level, then financial literacy goes beyond mere understanding. An active self-serviced banked community represents a lower risk, higher credit-worthy population that can reduce the cost of customer acquisition. The virtual cycle of generational adherence makes delivering banking services “sticky.” It is a unique opportunity to allow disenfranchised groups to “help themselves” to economic prosperity versus waiting for it to happen.

Speaking Topics

  • Risk, Wealth & Customer Growth – What Bank & Insurance Companies can learn from Emerging Markets
  • Women, Leadership & Digital Transformation
  • Wealth and the New Africa
  • Designing Banking Services to Promote Inclusivity and Growth