Janice Liu

Janice Liu

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Janice Liu is a technology leader and data consultant.

Previously, Janice is the founder and general manager of Magnet Digital, a data and tech consulting firm within the Plus Company holding co. She built and led the firm for four years, building data products for advertisers and brokering data deals for clients such as Toyota, TELUS, the Government of Canada to enable data-driven marketing maturity.

Janice is an experienced data broker, investor and entrepreneur who, through her innate leadership qualities and passion projects, works to inspire a new generation of women and BIPOC individuals in technology. Her leadership of Magnet enables smarter, more impactful advertising and marketing decisions through market-leading consulting services and proprietary data solutions.

An entrepreneur at her core, Janice recently launched a start-up called Retreat, a demand-generation technology solution that allows customers to book last minute salon and spa appointments. The platform leverages business intelligence, via machine learning, in order to enable the service providers to optimize their inventory. Retreat is her second business venture; she launched her first e-commerce business while working in the fashion wholesale industry in 2011, a time when e-commerce was only beginning to flourish and make strides in Canada and the United States.

She is thoroughly committed to advocating for women in STEM and has taken on an active role as co-organizer of Filling the Gap, a conference that aims to help young women acquire new skills and empower them to apply them in both their personal and professional lives.

Janice earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University in Political Science, International Relations and German.

Speaking Topics

Topic one: Data Privacy & Frameworks of Oppression

Exploring the connection between the state of individual data collection by tech giants with the balance of ethics, capitalism and frameworks of oppression. Learn all about how data is collected through the digital transformation of our society and the parallels of choice and awareness between the data industry and the layers of oppression in North America.

Topic two: The Data Supply Chain and the making of the modern internet

Understanding the evolution and growth of the advertising industry into the digital medium. User generated data generates the backbone of the entire web2 world that we know. Learn about how the value exchange of data for free digital products – like social media, came to be and now influences the world’s media, content and advertising spend.

Topic three: The Future of Work – How to Implement a 4-Day Work Week & Why?

Our world is changing faster than ever and technology has made us able to stay ever-connected. Despite time and location not being a limitation for workers anymore, why are we still working ourselves to the bone and burning out? How do we compete for and retain talent in a world that has shown us money just isn’t enough anymore? Hear from Janice Liu’s personal experience of implementing a 4-day work week for her company in a time when her people were being approached with huge salaries, perks and more. Learn all about the why and the how to implement a new way of working that is sustainable for the company and the employee.

Speaking Topics

  • Data Privacy & Frameworks of Oppression
  • The Data Supply Chain and the making of the modern internet
  • The Future of Work – How to Implement a 4-Day Work Week & Why?