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Motherhood Is the New MBAUsing Your Parenting Skills to Be a Better Boss.

"Motherhood is the New MBA is as entertaining as it is enlightening. Ms. Storm shares her experiences as a parent and executive to illustrate the parallels of motherhood and management and shares those stories in a voice as witty as it is wise. By including wisdom and tales from the lives of other working executive mothers with fascinating careers, Storm keeps the pace lively and interesting." ~ Review from a Reader


My Journey of Impossible Transformation

When a bomb imploded her building on April 19, 1995, Amy fell three stories and was buried alive for over six hours. In the aftermath of her trauma and loss, Amy enacted the power of hope to transform from victim to champion in her work, education, health, spirit, and love.

Amy's open, vulnerable, and seemingly impossible journey reveals the raw power of authentic hope. No matter how heavy our burdens may weigh - from our careers, health, addictions, insecurities, trauma, or loss - Amy reminds us that hope is a verb we can enact today to transform our lives into the future of our dreams.

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