Shari Storm

Shari Storm spent 16 years as an executive at a Seattle area credit union, where she oversaw marketing, IT, sales, investment services, innovation and strategy.

Her proudest accomplishments at Verity Credit Union included being named an Innovator of the Decade by Net.Banker, heading up the successful Verity Mom campaign, being the first financial corporate blogger in the US, being featured in American Banker magazine, participating on Filene’s prestigious i3 program and developing a financial counseling system that saved the credit union millions of dollars during the financial crises. Verity was repeatedly voted a ‘best place to work’ in several publications.

Specializing in:
  • Marketing projects of all sizes and scope
  • Website design
  • Naming and logo design
  • Branding
  • Market segmentation – evaluation and execution
  • Advertising
  • Marketing strategy

Laurie Leno

With over 30 years’ experience in the credit union industry, Laurie has expertise in both small and large operations. Her specialty includes the finance and accounting functions with an emphasis on forecasting, budgeting, and data analytics. She has played a key role in vendor management and business continuity at various credit unions. She has a proven record of helping credit unions implement important process improvement projects. She has a strong work ethic and possesses a strong sense of responsibility and leadership with a commendable track record of dependability, pooled with integrity. She has a proven ability to get people to work together collaboratively.

Specializing in:
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Provide interim assistance while you search for permanent executive level staff
  • Accounting
  • Forecasting/Budgeting
  • Vendor Management
  • Data analytics
  • General Management

Vick Reddy

Vick is a managing partner at SKY CG, a digital strategy and solutions firm. A veteran leader and strategist, he has worked across a broad spectrum of industries (FI, Insurance, Tech, Retail, Gaming, Manufacturing, Health Sciences to name a few). Prior to SKY CG, he helped lead the digital practice at an award-winning national management consultancy. He has also served in a leadership capacity in several national and boutique digital agencies. He brings a fresh set of eyes to the digitally transformative strategies and customer experiences that financial institutions and credit unions are seeking. Vick has served in may interim leadership roles, including current interim CDO roles for a nationally chartered credit union and a startup virtual credit union. Vick’s diverse experience around technology and digital leadership provides Credit Union and FI stakeholders a new and exciting dynamic in leadership, strategy and approach.

Specializing in:
  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology evaluation
  • Process optimization
  • Organizational structure
  • Execution methodologies
  • Strategic roadmaps