We have many years experience in:
  • Organizational effectiveness analysis
  • SWOT exercises
  • Board and CEO performance assessment

We are excellent at:
  • Strategic planning retreat facilitation
  • Visioning and long range planning
  • Facilities planning and development integrator – translating ideas and concepts into realistic plans

Your team will benefit from:
  • Team building workshops
  • Conflict resolution consulting

The People

Dan Strandy

Dan Strandy has over 25 years of experience leading a large organization; specializing in strategic and long-range planning. He has also been a board member of a Seattle area credit union for the past 33 years.

Shari Storm

Shari Storm spent 16 years as an executive at a Seattle area credit union, where she oversaw marketing, IT, sales, investment services, innovation and strategy.

Candace Vogelsong

Candace spent five years as the VP of Marketing for a mid-sized credit union in Delaware. Before that she worked at a bank for three years. During her 12 year career as a marketing consultant..