James McCafferty

James McCafferty

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James McCafferty is Director of Western's Center for Economic and Business Research.  In this role he seeks to broaden the connections between the University, the College of Business and Economics and the real world – businesses, non-profits, tribal communities and government agencies – through student internships, classroom based projects and consultative projects drawing on faculty, staff and students.

James brings a unique perspective and critical tools to problems faced by organizations today based on professional and community service experience at local, regional, and national levels. He blends the best approaches from the for-profit, non-profit, government, and individual sectors to create unique blended responses that are effective, efficient, and practical while also maintaining long-term sustainability.

James’ core skill areas include: research, financial modeling, business development, branding/identity, marketing, finance, tax and legal issues (from a lay perspective), operations, growth management, and strategic partnering.

James has an MBA from Western Washington University, a Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Public Relations from the University of Oregon, is a Certified Global Business Professional, serves as an Officer for the Seattle Economics Council and is a past board member of the Association of University Business and Economic Research.

Speaking Topics:

Economic Insights for the Puget Sound Region and Beyond

Join Hart Hodges and James McCafferty from Western Washington University in this presentation as they take you on a journey through the economic landscape. They will provide a comprehensive economic forecast, spanning the Puget Sound region, Washington state, and the national stage, while shedding light on the global factors shaping our future – China relations, inverted yield curves, student loan payments, global conflicts and threatened shutdowns.

Discover the unique attributes that set Washington and the Puget Sound region apart and why they defy conventional economic trends. The duo will also share insights into the recent non-occurring recession, offering a glimpse into our economic resilience and the factors that contributed to this outcome.

Furthermore, they will delve into the evolving dynamics of returning to the office and the distinctive job mix present in our region. Explore the future of downtown areas and retail in light of significant changes. For CPAs, they will discuss the transformative workforce shifts and their profound impact on labor-dependent businesses.

Speaking Topics

  • Economic Insights for the Puget Sound Region and Beyond