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Madam Nymphadora

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Madam Nymphadora, CUDE (she/her) is a seasoned entertainer and credit union development educator with the mission to raise awareness of financial inclusion through social outreach. She is fiercely passionate about helping others and serves as a consumer advocate. Madam Nymphadora has robust experience in philanthropy, advocacy, education, and community development for nonprofit organizations. She believes in spreading love and kindness through authentic entertainment, education, engagement, and empowerment!

Madam Nymphadora has experience working with credit unions, community banks, mental health organizations, non-profit community organizations, Drag Queen Story Hour, and grassroots movements. A cultural and professional disrupter and change agent she might be, she is also a magnetic entertainer. She performs live vocal Drag entertainment throughout Nebraska and her creator, Dan Marquez, is a former contender for American Idol and The Voice audition finals. Nymphadora brings something new and fun to your organizations advancement of DEI and representation. She is the credit union movement’s spiciest Queen!

Speaking Topics


Madam Nymphadora, herself, disrupts the professional landscape as a Drag Queen Development Educator. Creating innovation and modernizing the workplace culture has been branded as disruption in an industry. Rather than resist disruption, foster and develop talented thought leadership.

Uncovering Identity

Madam will share personal and developmental like experiences that have shaped who they are as an individual. Being a plus size, gender queer, HIV+, Latinx Drag Queen, Madam has questioned her own self worth along the road of self discovery. She aims to open dialogue to destigmatize social issues around her identity and inspire others to find strength in who they are.


Madam is a seasoned vocalist and comedic entertainer with more than 15 years performing for audiences of all sizes. A former contender for American Idol and The Voice exposed Madam and creator Dan Marquez to the entertainment industry. A perfect addition to any event as hostess, emcee, vocalist, or comedian.

Advocacy in Heels

Madam Nymphadora is a Drag Ambassador for Drag Out The Vote. Being involved in advocacy at the local, state, and federal level on credit union policy shaped her passion for advancing socioeconomic liberation for all consumers. She aims to ignite passion in audiences to be active participants in community and democracy.

Authentic Vulnerability

Madam approaches empathy mapping with a unique style helping folks navigate communication and reactionary behaviors while taking a walk in someone else’s heels. Being your authentic self in the workplace requires being vulnerable and embracing that vulnerability exploring core values, personality types, emotional capacity, and interpersonal strengths.

Drag Queen Bingo

Madam Nymphadora takes the nostalgic 1950’s game of bingo and makes it a little more racey, a little more raucous and a lot more fun.  Drag Queen Bingo is a unique way for your audience to socialize and have a grand old time. Every game is tailored to you, with questions and answers about your event and the history of the credit union movement.  Madame blends the traditional game of bingo with the live performance of the art of drag and cabaret. This edutainment event is an audacious mix of education and entertainment that is sure to have your audiences smiling from ear to ear.

Intersectionality & Development Issues

Often marginalized communities of people are excluded due to a lack of empathy and understanding for others life experiences.  As a Queer, Latinx, HIV+ individual, raising awareness of intersectionality and how it plays a role in DE&I efforts is at the core of this workshop.  Dan will share personal life experiences that have shaped who they are as an individual both personally and professionally.   Participants will become stronger advocates for inclusion and representation through the lens of power and privilege to better understand socioeconomic intersectionality.

Speaking Topics

  • Disruption
  • Entertainment
  • Uncovering Identity
  • Advocacy in Heels
  • Authentic Vulnerability
  • Drag Queen Bingo
  • Intersectionality & Development Issues