Amy Singleton

Amy Singleton

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Powerhouse Amy Singleton is an entrepreneur based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Originally a Registered Nurse, Amy’s own health forced her out of a career she loved. Looking for purpose in ALL the wrong places, she wound up alone & desperately suicidal. Amy now dedicates her life to helping others see HOPE & PURPOSE beyond their own failures. Too many people struggle to navigate their careers AND families without sacrificing professional or personal achievements. She uses stories, humor and practical insights to inspire women to carve their own path for success after failure. Whether we’ve failed ourselves, been failed by others, or been failed by our own bodies– there IS hope ahead when we CUT through the BS & dig into living our most authentic lives.

Speaking Topics

  • How to move beyond mental health issues into clarity
  • Identifying your infinite purpose
  • Movement Is Life
  • Meditation
  • Mindset Shifts & reframing
  • Our Kids & Our Mental Health
  • Diagnosis doesn’t mean disaster