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Kristen Mashburn

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Kristen Mashburn is the Founder of a Company Culture Consultancy. With a passion for making work more human, she has revolutionized the way organizations approach this crucial aspect of business. Her systematic approach to building sustainable company culture has given her the opportunity to work with many award-winning organizations.

Known for her engaging and entertaining speaking style, Kristen captivates audiences with her relatable anecdotes and funny insights. Her speeches are not only informative but also entertaining and inspiring. As the Lead Organizer of a TEDx event, she understands how to spread ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility and catalyze impact.

In her decade of experience in the credit union industry,  Kristen and her team won numerous marketing and leadership awards including CUNA’s Marketing Professional of the Year and the Credit Union Times’s Trailblazer Award. 

Kristen is a wife, mother, and community leader. She approaches each opportunity with the mindfulness that she has cultivated through a 20-year practice in yoga and meditation. She encourages other women to achieve their goals professionally through her work with Lean In Circles and Women in Business groups. She advocates for and supports patients struggling with  Dysautonomia, a chronic disorder of the autonomic nervous system that she was diagnosed with after the birth of her son. She supports women and children who have experienced abuse through work with her local women’s shelter.

With a mission to change the future of work, Kristen is dedicated to helping organizations build cultures that not only benefit employees but also drive business success.

Speaking Topics

Creating a Healthy Company Culture

This talk aims to inspire and provide practical insights on how to build a work environment that is not only productive but also nurtures the well-being of employees. The speaker discusses the importance of a positive workplace culture and the benefits it brings, such as higher employee satisfaction, better collaboration, and increased motivation. The talk provides practical tips on how to create a culture that values employee well-being, such as promoting open communication, fostering appreciation, and utilizing employee strengths. 

Creating Healthy Boundaries as a Leader

Discover the power of setting healthy boundaries as a leader.  Leaders who set healthy boundaries are not only more productive and creative but also more effective in their role. This inspiring and practical talk will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of boundaries, as well as the steps necessary to establish and maintain meaningful boundaries in your professional and personal life. The talk provides practical tips and techniques to help leaders identify their boundaries and communicate them effectively to their team and colleagues. Understand common situations where leaders tend to struggle with setting boundaries and get practical solutions to overcome these challenges. Join us and take your leadership skills to the next level.

Fostering Appreciation Throughout the Organization

Discover the power of fostering appreciation within your organization! In this inspiring and practical talk, you will learn how to create a culture of gratitude and increase employee engagement, motivation, and performance. You will learn how to recognize the achievements of your team and how to communicate your appreciation effectively. This talk is full of practical tools, tips, and techniques that you can implement immediately to enhance employee morale, reduce turnover and improve overall organizational health. Whether you are a leader, manager, or employee, this talk will provide you with the knowledge and skills to cultivate a thriving workplace culture, one where appreciation and recognition are central to success. Get ready to boost your appreciation IQ and experience the benefits of a more engaged, motivated, and productive workplace!

The Importance of Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

Are you looking to create a thriving and productive workplace? Discover the key to unlocking your team's full potential through the power of company culture. This inspiring talk will explore the importance of fostering a positive work environment in the modern workplace. You'll learn about the benefits of having a strong company culture, including increased employee engagement and job satisfaction, and how to create a culture that supports your business goals. Join us to learn how you can create a company culture that fosters collaboration, creativity, and success.


Speaking Topics

  • Creating a Healthy Company Culture
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries as a Leader
  • Fostering Appreciation Throughout the Organization
  • The Importance of Company Culture in the Modern Workplace