John Lanza

John Lanza
John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance

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John Lanza is the author of The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids; host of The Art of Allowance Podcast; and creator of The Art of Allowance Project featuring The Money Mammals and a new program for tweens and teens called Adolescent$. The Art of Allowance Project is a nationwide program for credit unions to connect with families and help parents raise money-smart kids of all ages.

An expert on youth financial literacy, John has appeared in the NY Times, LA Times and Wall Street Journal, as well as on CU 2.0, CU Broadcast and CU Insight.


Kids These Days: Winning the Hearts, Minds, and Wallets of The Under 25 Set

Every financial institution wants to be there when a young person is ready to open her first credit card or get his first car loan. Consumers in the early stages of adulthood can be extremely profitable and presumably result in many more years of relational business.
Early affinity to a brand can lead to a lifelong relationship. “There’s lots of evidence that the brands you are emotionally connected to as a child you remain connected to as an adult,” says Rachel Geller, a partner and chief strategic officer at youth-oriented agency The Geppetto Group in New York. Consumers under the age of 25 present a host of opportunities for credit unions and banks both now and well into the future. Is your FI doing enough to attract this market? Learn the top ten things you can start today.

Growth Through Financial Literacy

The fight for the teen market is a fierce one. Members in their teens and early twenties are vital to any credit union. They are the members looking for their first credit card, car loan, and eventually home loan. What is the best way to capture the teen market? To win the hearts and minds of members BEFORE they become teenagers. Learn the secret to building a solid pipeline of young members and fulfilling the credit union principle of providing member education.

Raising a Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Child

John shares practical and time-tested advice and techniques from his new book, The Art of Allowance, to help parents teach their kids to make smart money choices, set and save for goals, and avoid becoming materialistic. This presentation is geared toward parents, but it can be used as a “Train the Trainer” for credit unions who want to offer financial education to their members.

There's An App for That: How Your FI Can Stay Relevant to Digital Natives

Take a tour through various apps that young people and families use; specifically, how they work and what financial needs they fill. This session will cover user experience (UX) and the importance of using proper digital vernacular. There will be a discussion around which apps can be white-labeled. We'll strategize together on what your bank or credit union can do to stay relevant to people who may never write a check or visit a branch.

Gamification: Hype or Help?

Gamification is all the rage. Institutional leaders have been captured by its promise to improve financial literacy and boost employee wellness. If there’s a problem to solve, it seems gamification has a way of solving it. But what does the data actually tell us about how gamification affects behavior change? In this session, we will separate gamification help from hype.

Making the Psychology of Money Work for Your Financial Institution.

Financial institutions often think about money through an economic lens, but their customers largely think about it through a psychological lens. This session focuses on the core tenets of the psychology of money and why understanding how and why people think about money is essential for any modern financial institution looking to help its customers thrive.

Speaking Topics

  • Growth Through Financial Literacy
  • Raising a Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Child
  • There’s An App for That: How Your FI Can Stay Relevant to Digital Natives
  • Gamification: Hype or Help?
  • Making the Psychology of Money Work for Your Financial Institution.