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Michael Patterson

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Michael Patterson is a trainer and speaker who has been developing individuals to reach their fullest potential since 2000. Mike has over 25 years’ experience in the financial industry, including the last 15 years working with credit unions throughout the country. He is currently the Chief Branding Officer for a credit union in North Central Pennsylvania, responsible for human resources, training, marketing, and strategic planning.

One of the biggest influences in Mike’s leadership is the teaching of John Maxwell. In August 2018, Mike became certified as a trainer, speaker, and coach with the John Maxwell Team.

Mike is the author of four books; Promotions Are Not Served at the Deli CounterSit Stay Succeed: Management Lessons from Man’s Best FriendsThe Sales Coach, and his most recent book – Fully Inflated: Regain Your Bounce in Life.. His articles have been published in AOL JobsTraining MagazineThe Credit Union Executive SocietyPCUA Key Notes, and CU Management.

Mike specializes in training on leadership, motivation, and personal development topics. He has presented in 22 different states, as well as Puerto Rico and Aruba for organizations including CUNA, NCUMA, US Army, US Census Bureau, Meet A.C., Skill Path, various state credit union leagues, and more.

Aside from training and development, Mike served for seven years as a volunteer Big Brother. Mike spent 22 seasons as a Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) wrestling referee, officiating two state championship tournaments. Mike grew up in suburban Philadelphia, and currently lives in North Central Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter.

Mike’s style of presenting will keep your audience engaged, energized, and excited to apply the principles learned the moment they leave the room.

Speaking Topics

Fully Inflated: Regain Your Bounce in Life

Have you ever attempted to play with a basketball that wasn’t fully inflated? The ball cannot perform the way it was intended. When you try to dribble, it splats on the court. It won’t rebound off the backboard, allowing a second chance to score. It lacks the voyage and velocity necessary to travel the distance to achieve your goal.  To put it bluntly, a ball that is not Fully Inflated will underperform and disappoint. The same holds true for people. When someone is not Fully Inflated, he or she cannot live up to their fullest potential. 

In this presentation, participants will discover which factors influenced their current position in life; learn to recognize their passion and strengths; remove self-limiting beliefs; develop a plan for success; and take action to reach your fullest potential.

Titanic Lessons of Leadership

Over 100 years ago, the unsinkable ship did just that. The lessons learned from the fateful voyage of Titanic can be applied to help your business succeed as well. This presentation will revisit events which directly led to the Titanic disaster, and illustrate how they apply to current day leadership. Key points include leadership responsibilities, reevaluating policies and procedures, acknowledging and confronting obstacles, and open communication.

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Batman

Have you ever felt you needed superhero powers to be successful at work? Everyone could benefit from a mentor. In this fun presentation, employees can learn five key tips for success by following the footsteps of a comic book lesson. 

The KIMBA Principle: Decoding the Cause of Employee Performance Issues

If you are a manager dealing with employee performance issues, provided additional training that didn’t help, and are unsure what to do next, this session is for you! In this presentation, managers will learn the five distinct variables which lead to employee performance issues, and how to put employees on the track to reaching their goals.

Hiring the Right Fit

Selecting a new member for the team is one of the most important decisions a manager can make. The right employee can really propel a company towards success, while the wrong employee can result in a big step back. In this session, learn how to hire the right fit employee.

Lead Where You Stand

John Maxwell says “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Discover the traits and characteristics of highly effective leaders, understand the concept of behavioral conditioning at work, how proactive and reactive thinking affects employees’ actions, and how much control the leader really has over everything that happens in the workplace.

Sales: Building Relationships and Solving Problems

Are you introducing a new or enhanced sales culture to your organization? Are you attempting to motivate employees who are reluctant to sell? Many people put a negative connotation on sales, when they really don’t understand effective selling is building relationships and solving problems. In this session, we’ll look at how to build rapport, understand what the customer cares about most, and how to effectively offer your products based on their needs.

Speaking Topics

  • Fully Inflated: Regain Your Bounce in Life
  • Titanic Lessons of Leadership
  • Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Batman
  • The KIMBA Principle: Decoding the Cause of Employee Performance Issues
  • Hiring the Right Fit
  • Lead Where You Stand
  • Sales: Building Relationships and Solving Problems