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Kirk Drake
Kirk Drake

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Kirk Drake is a lifelong entrepreneur, author, and founder of Credit Union 2.0. He is a credit union and technology enthusiast who built ten successful businesses, notably the Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) Ongoing Operations, CU Wallet – a mobile wallet venture, Resistance Wine Company, Credit Union 2.0, Loanify, and several additional lifestyle e-commerce/mobile platforms.

Kirk harnessed the power of inbound marketing, generating over 500 blog articles, twelve books, created a lead scoring system, and developed a digital engagement strategy resulting in over 100 leads per month.

Kirk is the author of Credit Union 2.0: A Guide to Helping Credit Unions Compete in the Digital Age and Financial Artificial Intelligence for banks and credit unions. He is a huge believer in collaboration and believes if you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room. Credit Union 2.0’s mastermind groups bring together the best and brightest from credit unions and fintech companies to disrupt the banking world.

Kirk is a featured speaker with over 100 previous appearances at conferences, including The California Credit Union League, CU Leaders, PSCU Annual Conference, Cornerstone Credit Union League, and many more. He helps audiences understand the current state of credit unions, the imminent need to adapt to current digital technologies, and how to regain crucial market share in the banking industry.

When Kirk isn’t busy helping credit unions be relevant in today’s digital age, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife Kimberly and their three amazing kids. They own a vineyard and winery in Southern Oregon.

Speaking Topics

What Companies Can Learn from the World of Wine

Innovation is often taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.  Sometimes the best way to embrace innovation is to look outside of your own shop, your own industry, your own echo chamber.

Kirk Drake, serial entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, author, and board member, will share what he and his wife learned from opening a winery in Ashland, OR. Many of his insights apply to all types of business. He covers:

  • Why we can’t be all things to all people
  • When to create brand individuality
  • How it’s all in the packaging

This funny, creative, fast-paced presentation has an added unique component – Kirk can serve his wine to audience members and disperse wine wisdom while drawing parallels between his start-up and strategies for your company’s success. This interactive presentation is perfect for your conference’s first day closing keynote or your strategic planning retreat closer.

Dream Talk

The business model of tomorrow…

  • Fintech’s impact on CUs
  • Regulatory impact on CUs
  • Why CUs should be crushing it
  • Lessons learned from other cooperatives
  • Credit Union of Tomorrow

Credit Union 2.0 outlines the DREAM (Differentiation, Repear and Reinforce, Educate and Excite, Automate, and Motive) methodology that will help your CU begin the pricess of digitally engaging your members, building fierce loyalty, and making them feel the CU difference.


  • Key case studies from awesome credit unions
  • Lessons learned from other cooperatives
  • Strategies for creating fierce loyalty, including – the ultimate first 100 Day Experience, Hacking your CU’s Repeated Mistakes, and Education = Trust | Trust =  Sales
  • Access to the Credit Union 2.0 Fintech database and resources

FinAncIal Talk

How will artificial intelligence impact…

  • History of AI
  • Use cases
  • Impacts on team and culture
  • Preparing for tomorrow

Get a crash course and some laughs about AI and its impact on your credit union. This talk will change the way you think about our modern world and what is coming!


  • FinAncIal Talk is recommended as a short content format combined with an executive chat between your organization’s leader and Kirk Drake.
  • It’s guaranteed to get the audience thinking.

Archetypes: Amplify Your Brand

Why do some brands resonate more than others? We’ll discuss:

  • Alignment
  • Archetypes
  • Your brand
  • Amplification

Leveraging the power of archetypes enables companies to create or identify their secret “hero,” “sage,” or one of the 11 other archetypes that can become your secret weapon toward building loyalty, reach, and resonance with your members.


  • 13 different archetypes
  • Correlation to your ideal persona
  • Brand launch or relaunch plan
  • Filtering decisions through your archetype

Digitally Transforming Wine

Winery owners and credit unions both believe tasting rooms are essential. COVID changed that.

  • Outside of the box digital transformations
  • Connecting – virtually
  • Building a memory – virtually
  • The business of wine

Resistance Wine Company was born four years ago and launched in the middle of COVID – 2020. Learn how the brand was created and how the winery launched virtually and sold out in 10 months.


  • Ideas for connecting with members (virtually)
  • Unconventional ways to deal with branch decline
  • Unique ways to capture new customers

Speaking Topics

  • Dream Talk
  • FinAncIal Talk
  • Archetypes: Amplify Your Brand
  • Digitally Transforming Wine