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Paolo Gaudiano
Paolo Gaudiano

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Paolo Gaudiano is President of ARC, Chief Scientist of Aleria, Adjunct Associate Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, and Chairman of the annual Diversity & Inclusion Research Conference. These activities combine Paolo’s decades of experience in business, technology, and academia, to transform how people think about diversity and what they do about it, with the ultimate goal of making our society more inclusive and equitable.

Paolo is a Forbes contributor on Diversity & Inclusion, has written for and been interviewed by a number of other media outlets, and is a sought-after public speaker, having given hundreds of presentations in the US and abroad, including a TED talk. He holds degrees in Applied Mathematics, Aerospace Engineering, and Computational Neuroscience, and is the recipient of numerous awards including a Moonshot House Fellowship from the Kravis Center for Social Impact (2019), a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research (1996), and a Neuroscience Fellowship from the Sloan Foundation (1992). He was a tenured faculty member at Boston University and he taught at Tufts University and CUNY before joining NYU.

Twitter: @icopaolo (individual) @aleriapbc (company)
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/pgaudiano/
Forbes: forbes.com/sites/paologaudiano/
TEDx talk: aleria.tech/tedxfultonstreet

Speaking Topics

Measuring the Invisible: Why inclusion is the key to happier, more diverse, and more successful organizations
The vast majority of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) research and initiatives focus strictly on diversity. The narrow focus on diversity is due partly to the illusion that measuring diversity is easy, and partly to the fact that inclusion has been difficult to define, let alone measure. In this talk, Dr. Gaudiano presents a novel approach that explains why inclusion is invisible, how to make inclusion measurable, and how inclusion is at the heart of employee satisfaction and superior organizational performance. He will demonstrate an engaging, interactive way of measuring inclusion and will share sample results from various companies and organizations. Dr. Gaudiano will also discuss a number of other benefits that measuring inclusion offers relative to measuring representational diversity.

Note: for an additional fee, the presentation can be turned into a workshop that includes a live, interactive collection of inclusion data and subsequent, post-workshop analysis.

Debunking Diversity & Inclusion Myths
Even with the best of intentions, leaders and employees often fail to Diversity & inclusion because of common objections, such as “There is a pipeline problem,” “We don’t want to lower the bar,” “We only recruit from top schools,” or “We don’t discriminate, we are a meritocracy.” In this stimulating and eye-opening presentation, Dr. Gaudiano will address these and other common objections, showing why and how they are flawed. He will provide detailed, specific tips on how to respond to these objections and how to ensure that your organization becomes more inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

How Diversity and Inclusion Impact Recruiting
When it comes to increasing diversity, one common complaint is the “pipeline problem,” i.e., the difficulty of finding sufficient talent from diverse backgrounds, especially for certain highly skilled positions. In this presentation, Dr. Gaudiano shows why the pipeline problem is a myth, and it shows common mistakes in the way companies go about recruiting talent. He also introduces the six ways in which your company’s current level of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) can hinder your efforts to recruit talent, how to leverage D&I to expand your talent pool, and how D&I can be utilized to lower your hiring costs.

Speaking Topics

  • Measuring the Invisible: Why inclusion is the key to happier, more diverse, and more successful organizations
  • Debunking Diversity & Inclusion Myths
  • How Diversity and Inclusion Impact Recruiting