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Bryan guides and inspires leaders and their organizations to show love, understanding, and appreciation for their customers to create deeper loyalty, greater market share, and way more fun for everyone.

He enjoyed a 20-year corporate career at Hewlett-Packard, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft. In roles including sales, marketing, alliance management, executive engagement, and communications, he succeeded by using outstanding messaging and communications skills to build relationships and generate results. His corporate years reached their peak running Microsoft’s renowned Executive Briefing Center, then as speechwriter and executive communications lead for the Microsoft Corporate VP running worldwide Customer Support.

As a “Hippie with an MBA™,” Bryan unites the power of love with the profit motive to increase customer retention and activation, making the most of every transaction and turning customers into Lustomers™. His messages resonate across industries with clients ranging from Microsoft, Comcast/NBC, and Boeing, to small and mid-sized companies in fields spanning from real estate to professional services to technology and nonprofits.

Bryan is proudly a member of the National Speakers Association (and Immediate Past President of his local chapter), the Professional Speechwriters Association, and the Association for Talent Development. The Seattle home he shares with his wife of 30 years is an urban oasis, a food forest, home to two crazy dachshunds, and a regular venue for dinner parties and great conversation.

Speaking Topics

Do Your Customers ❤️ You Enough?
Lessons from the Fortune 50 and the corner store inspire your group to make the most of customer interactions, turning first-time buyers into loyal customers, fans, and advocates. The former Director of Microsoft’s renowned Executive Briefing Center shares the secrets of customer engagement to identify your best customers and move more of the rest into your “best” category. Your team will be inspired and will walk away ready to be better in every interaction, with easily implemented tips for communicating more effectively, driving loyalty and listening programs, and creating the right environment to use your customers’ best ideas in your strategic and operational planning.

Let Love In
Love and Business don’t always feel like they go together, and the organization that’s ready to make the connection has a lot to gain. This keynote, also available as a longer and more interactive workshop, takes your group on a journey to grow, show, and share their love, building stronger, longer-lasting, and more fulfilling relationships. Lecture and exercises show the path to increase love for self; for work, colleagues, and customers; for nature and our planet; and for all of life’s experiences.

Speak Up, Stand Out
Poor communications cost organizations millions of dollars and immeasurable good will. Start connecting with audience-focused and benefit-led content to drive compelling presentations and clear, persuasive writing. This presentation is Interactive and packed with tips that deliver immediate improvement and fuel for further growth.

Share Your Expertise…For Experts
Lawyers, doctors, tech professionals, and anyone with specific and specialized knowledge can increase understanding and impact with great planning, storytelling, and stagecraft. From cancer researchers learning to help fundraisers, to lawyers preparing to deliver Continuing Legal Education sessions, to software engineers and product managers getting ready to engage with customers and partners, professionals with deep expertise learn how to return to a beginner’s mindset so they get their points across and hear “yes” to their asks. This session covers content development, tips and tricks to help messages land and stick, and the best of what every communicator needs to know to increase their influence and effectiveness.

Speaking Topics

  • Do Your Customers ❤️ You Enough?
  • Let Love In
  • Speak Up, Stand Out
  • Share Your Expertise…For Experts