Rebecca P. Murray, CVP

Rebecca P. Murray, CVP
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Northwest Edutainer Rebecca P. Murray delivers high-energy virtual and live training for those ready to become confident, creative, and compelling leaders and team players. She infuses irreverent humor, inspiring stories, and entertaining musical theater excerpts into content-rich events.

Rebecca delivers skill-building through entertaining playshops, presentation coaching, and adult continuing education at Western Washington University and Skagit Valley College.

Speaking Topic

Leverage Your First Impressions

In-person, online, and by phone

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn the simple secrets to making impressions that leverage connections in sales, networking, and customer service.

In this highly interactive session, participants:

  • Discover powerful principles behind making positive first impressions.
  • Learn how to use your face and voice to build trust while conversing.
  • Practice FBI listening techniques to leverage every communication opportunity.


Transform Your Feedback Culture

Replace anxiety with positive anticipation

Imagine a workplace culture in which employees look forward to feedback, even ask for it!

Seem impossible? Learn how to transform your feedback culture by embracing a strategy that motivates loyalty and performance. You’ll be inspired to share techniques with your team and apply them in the workplace.

In this highly interactive session, participants learn to:

  • Transform feedback into timely, constructive conversations.
  • Ditch the ‘sandwich’ method in lieu of feedback that motivates.
  • Identify strengths and blindspots in their own feedback style.


Train Your Brain to Listen Like a Leader

How to stop talking and start listening

In this lively session, explore how to leverage brain science to your advantage to become a better listener. Practice three proven listening techniques to draw out the best in others. You’ll be amazed at how interesting and productive conversations become when you stop talking and start listening!

In this highly interactive session, participants:

  • Develop a confident, calming presence that puts others at ease.
  • Practice mirror and labeling tactics to open conversations.
  • Become the intentional listener everyone talks about.


Present Like a Pro for Business

Speak with clarity, brevity, and confidence

Represent yourself, your brand, and your organization with confidence, poise, and clarity whether presenting in-person, online, or onstage.

Learn to:

  • Use the C.L.E.A.R.™ method to invite connection.
  • Captivate your audience from your very first word.
  • Transform nervousness into energy for your audience.

C.L.E.A.R.: Center, Listen, Engage, Allow, Repeat


Build a Better Business Story

Invite audience connection through story

Great stories are the building blocks of powerful presentations. But learning to craft stories that are short, clear, and on-point is a power skill that takes time to hone. Learn a simple 5-step method for crafting a compelling, memorable, actionable story. Then practice crafting and delivering a short story with impact.

Business Story Participants:

  • Uncover powerful stories to bolster presentations.
  • Utilize a simple and effective story-building technique.
  • Craft an inspiring personal or business story to share with others.

Speaking Topics

  • Leverage Your First Impressions
  • Transform Your Feedback Culture
  • Train Your Brain to Listen Like a Leader
  • Present Like a Pro for Business
  • Build a Better Business Story