Rebecca P. Murray, CVP

Rebecca P. Murray, CVP
rebecca p murray

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Rebecca P. Murray’s flagship programs are designed for organizations that want to develop leaders and teams who are confident, creative, and compelling. She infuses loads of humor and bits of musical theater into high-content, high-stick workshops and keynotes and invites each audience member to engage in a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

Speaking Topics

All offerings are available in virtual or live stage format.

Engagement Principals for Stage and Screen Success

Top Presentation Tips to Drive Results.

  • Adopt an engagement mindset to keep your audience leaning-in
  • Utilize time-tested techniques to keep your audience listening and learning
  • Learn a fool-proof method to help you remember and deliver your key points


Video for Sales and Service

Tech, Technique and Strategy Training for Superstar Communicators & Video Makers.

  • Apply professional lighting, audio, framing, camera tips & techniques
  • Dial-in your virtual studio to shine online
  • Develop a production strategy to support sales and service goals


The Art of Story for Business

Story Crafting for Conversations & Presentations.

  • Learn the simple secret to crafting highly effective stories
  • Uncover powerful stories to bolster communications
  • Discover ways to use stories strategically in sales, marketing & service efforts


The Confidence Equation

A Medley of Concepts, Comedy & Inspiration.

  • Leverage doubt to spark courage and confidence
  • Identify confidence saboteurs that short circuit success
  • Adopt a formula to summon courage-on-demand


Getting to Know You

Inclusion, Awareness & Collaboration Topped with a Hilarious Game Show Competition.

  • Build connection through listening in a Q&A exercise
  • Find commonality and increase awareness of others
  • Unite to achieve a common goal and purpose


Improv Games for Teams

Confidence, Creativity and Team Building.

  • Develop the habit of ‘Yes! And’ co-creation
  • Discover the power of creative risk-taking
  • Practice active listening to improve communication

Speaking Topics

  • Engagement Principals for Stage and Screen Success
  • Video for Sales and Service
  • The Art of Story for Business
  • The Confidence Equation
  • Getting to Know You
  • Improv Games for Teams