Scarlett Sieber

Scarlett Sieber

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Scarlett Sieber is a respected leader, driving organizational change at startups and global enterprises alike. Most recently, she was Vice President at USAA, where she led the newly created business development initiative. Prior, Scarlett was Chief Innovation Officer of Opus Bank, an $8B public retail and commercial bank, where she led the digital strategy and transformation for Opus and its $15B trust subsidiary, Pensco. During her time at BBVA, Scarlett was Senior Vice President of Global Business Development. In this role, Scarlett leveraged BBVA’s assets to secure partnerships within the ecosystem accelerating the global innovation strategy within the US. Scarlett was also the US lead for BBVA’s millennial initiative. Prior to BBVA, she was Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of data visualization tech startup, Infomous, whose clients include The London Olympics, Super Bowl XLVII, NFL Films, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian, and USA TODAY. Outside of work, she is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Forbes, and WeWork. She is a NYC Fellow of Startup Leadership Program.

Speaking Topics

Accelerating Digital Transformation & Innovation
  • Getting executive buy in to innovation agenda
  • Defining innovation as it relates to small- and medium-sized banks and how they can play a role in the future
  • Breakdown of incremental and transformative and the opportunities and challenges for both
  • Showcase tangible examples and case studies of both incremental and transformative
  • Breakdown of internal vs. external innovation and the opportunities and challenges for both
  • A deep dive in one or two organizations who have done this well with KPIs
  • Measurement of success, short and long term as well as tangible and intangible
The Future of Financial Services: How Banking is Being Disrupted
  • Examine macroeconomic change in consumer behavior and expectations
  • Overview of the tech disruption within banking highlighting the fintech landscape, including multiple verticals
  • Present on each vertical with trends, outliers, opportunities, as well as how organizations are currently working with startups (e.g. AI, blockchain, regtech, etc.)—can also dive more deeply into one specific area if the Ohio Bankers League is looking for that
  • Should you build, buy, or partner?
  • Dive into the increasing role of corp ventures
How to Target Millennials
  • Overview and stats around millennials including behaviors
  • What do millennials expect from their banking relationship?
  • Outline of millennial profiles
  • Examples of organizations who have strong connection with millennials
  • Share challenger banks who have adopted them at fast pace
  • What banks can do to enhance their relationship with existing millennials as well as attract new millennials
  • Best channels
  • Expected metrics
  • Other suggestions for ways to connect

Speaking Topics

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation & Innovation
  • The Future of Financial Services: How Banking is Being Disrupted
  • How to Target Millennials