Sam Maule

Sam Maule
Sam Maule, banking innovation

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Sam is an active mentor, thought leader, and sought-after speaker focusing on the human element of digital and banking innovation. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in the payments, mobile, and banking space across North America and Europe for both global banking and technology companies, and in the start-up community.

He was the Managing Partner at 11:FS, co-host of FinTechInsider podcast. and recurring host of Breaking Banks podcast. He has presented for such places as the Thailand Stock Exchange, FinTechStage Luxembourg, FinnoSummit Bogota, Money2020 US and Europe, SAMA Saudi Arabia, SIBOS Singapore, Seoul’s AI Conference, American Banker’s Conference, and CUNA.

Speaking Topics

Insights and Trends Empowering the Digital Consumer

One of the key outcomes in the post-Covid world is the clear emergence of the digitally empowered consumer. Every sector from media, to retail, to government, and even financial services has seen rapid acceleration and adoption of digital engagement and empowered consumers over the past two years. In this session we will review the key emerging consumer behaviors directly impacted by digital, discuss engagement strategies for digital natives, and review various industry case studies of how companies have competed in the evolving digital landscape.

Attendees will leave this workshop with:

  • A deeper understanding of the emerging competitive landscape.
  • Interactive exercises that can be used to help their financial institution be better at collaborating around innovation.
  • Insight into how the best companies prepare themselves for future threats and opportunities.
  • Strategies for keeping the member and their user experience front-and-center.
  • Ways to future-proof how their bank or credit union adapts to changes of all kinds.
  • A realistic view of where digital is really going in the next five years – separating the hype from the reality.


Leadership Under Pressure

This session will focus on leadership lessons from a decade of serving aboard nuclear submarines. How you successfully lead an organization under tremendous external and internal pressure, an ever-changing regulatory environment, continuous new technology advances, growing competition, and a changing workforce. Oh yeah, we will talk about financial services too!


AI and ML - What's The Truth? What's the Hype? What's in Store for Banks and CUs? What Should You Do?

Every industrial revolution was (and is) dependent on the convergence of multiple new technologies. The 4th Industrial Revolution, which is currently taking place, is no different. And AI is a key technology driving this revolution. While it is true that AI will replace many of the traditional banking jobs; it will also greatly enhance and augment other banking roles, improve the personalization of banking products and services, and provide your members with the next wave of financial products. AI and ML are both transformative technologies that are part of a evolving ecosystem of net new financial products. Embrace this new wave.

Speaking Topics

  • Insights and Trends Empowering the Digital Consumer
  • Innovation and Financial Services
  • The Future of Investing and Wealth Management
  • FinTech Power Shifts; Offline-Online
  • Technologies Impact on the Consumer Payments Relationship
  • Is NFC Dead?
  • Leadership Under Pressure
  • Banking Innovation
  • AI and ML – What’s The Truth? What’s the Hype? What’s in Store for Banks and CUs? What Should You Do?