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Laura King
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Enter the realm of financial services, and you’ll find Laura King, a trailblazer on a 30+ year journey of turning complexity into simplicity. As an accomplished executive, Laura specializes in uncovering operational efficiencies that redefine industry standards and run with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Beyond the balance sheets, Laura is passionate about fostering leadership and channels her energy into coaching and mentoring emerging leaders, ensuring that organizational excellence thrives in the next generation of trailblazers. From the front lines to the boardroom, her financial journey has covered everything from marketing to training, operations to lending, and information systems to executive leadership. These layers of experience have fused together to build a powerful strategic acumen focused on navigating this chaotic financial landscape in search of solid yet innovative solutions to ensure sustainable success.

Speaking Topics

Disaster Recovery Preparedness – Don’t learn these lessons the hard way.

Business threats come in all shapes and sizes, and it takes more than a generator and a business continuity plan to be ready. This session covers real-world examples of the dangers that lurk around us, some things you probably never thought about, but should, and practical things you can do about them. It’s full of “walk away tips” that you can take back to your organization or community and put to use immediately.

There is great truth in the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” but solid planning can prevent getting caught off-guard when unpredictable events target your institution. From snowmageddon to pandemics to social media misinformation campaigns, we will explore case studies that challenge your thinking, provide meaningful solutions, and test your readiness should these things come your way.

While proactive steps can prevent a lot of calamities or the severity of an incident, they can’t completely insulate an organization from a disastrous event. So, when that happens, a swift and confident reaction is required to ensure the resiliency of the organization.   We’ll explore comprehensive strategies to ensure rapid recovery in the aftermath of such disasters.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your preparedness and safeguard your organization and community. Prepare today, thrive tomorrow.

Healthy Board-Management Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship between the board of directors and the management team is essential to the success of the company -  and the stress levels of both groups. What are the responsibilities of each to the other? Where are the lines drawn between the roles of each group? What happens when those lines are crossed, or become blurred.

Learn to navigate the intricate relationship between the board of directors and the management team by examining core responsibilities, exploring boundaries, and learning from real-life situations that shed light on successful partnerships. In this session, we’ll unravel the critical roles of both the board of directors and the management team within the framework of effective corporate governance. Understanding the fiduciary duties of the board and the operational responsibilities of the management team is pivotal to fostering a collaborative and successful working relationship.

We’ll examine the principles of strategic oversight, risk management, and the delicate balance between day-to-day operations and long-term vision. Drawing inspiration from lessons learned, the presentation will uncover the importance of proper structure and governance, healthy communication, transparency, and addressing situations when they go off the rails. Through engaging case studies, we will showcase instances of successful collaboration, providing insights into what works and identifying potential pitfalls. The session will address challenges such as conflicts of interest and the need for harmonious balance between oversight and autonomy.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge on how to establish and maintain effective governance structures, including best practices, legal considerations, and the significance of continuous education for both boards and management. Take this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the board of directions and the management team, ensuring a foundation for robust corporate governance and organizational success.

Speaking Topics

  • Disaster Recovery Preparedness – Don’t learn these lessons the hard way.
  • Healthy Board-Management Relationships