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Frank is a sought-after expert on employee engagement and business culture but it didn’t start that way. He grew up watching his dad dislike his work and Frank had a similar experience when he first joined the workforce. When he had a chance to buy the manufacturing company he was working for, it all changed. Through trial and error, Frank started figuring out how to create a workplace people actually enjoyed working in and creating employee engagement numbers twice the national average.

For over 30 years, Frank has influenced and shaped the culture of businesses by following his personal purpose of Elevating Life Through Work. His passion can be seen in how he creates a place where people love to work. Whether it’s helping someone learn from his own mistakes and experiences or by helping people find more meaningful employment though his recruiting company, Mosaic Personnel, Frank demonstrates his love for people. He impacts lives by leading his team well, training and developing leaders and coaching executives on how to build a healthy workplace culture that drives employee engagement.

Over the years, Frank has acquired or started 5 different businesses in manufacturing, retail, distribution and professional services. He received his Executive Coaching Certification from the UC – Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute in 2018 and has been coaching and training since 2013.  Frank is married and has 3 grown kids. He enjoys traveling, playing golf, and car racing.

Speaking Topics

What is Culture Anyway? 

You cant fix a bad culture or intentionally create a great culture if you don’t know what the components are that make it up. This talk dives into what business culture actually is. People toss the word around but don’t really know what makes up the culture. Is it Ping Pong, Bean Bags, Work from Home?
This session describes what Culture is, why it’s important and most importantly identifies the 4 components and 16 subcomponents that make up culture. If companies want to have a great culture, they need to be addressing all 16 subcomponents consistently through the organization or people will sniff out the inconsistencies and struggle to engage. Engagement only happens when people align with these components.

Trust is Everything!

Trust is the basis of all good relationships. Marcus Buckingham tells us that if we trust our Senior Leaders, our Team Leader AND our Co-workers we can increase employee engagement by 15 TIMES and resilience by 42 TIMES. That begs the question how do you build Trust? Trust is made up of 4 elements and if you understand these elements you can look at your relationships and understand what you need to do to improve the trust quotient in the relationship, so you can build a stronger relationship. This tool works in business and in any relationship in your life. The session fully explains the 4 elements that make up trust and shows practical examples of how we unintentionally erode trust in our daily work life.

3 Reasons People Quit Their Leader

To be a leader, you have to have followers. When people leave, they leave leaders not companies. If you want to avoid this, you have to look at the primary reasons people leave their boss. If you know the 3 reasons they leave most often, you can create systems in your leadership that reduce the chance that people leave for these reasons. You can’t avoid people leaving completely because sometimes their needs are not something you can resolve. This session will help you understand and avoid the reasons that are under your control as the leader.

Speaking Topics

  • What is Culture Anyway?
  • Trust is Everything!
  • 3 Reasons People Quit Their Leader