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Debbie Rosemont

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Debbie Rosemont, Productivity Consultant, started Simply Placed over 20 years ago to help busy professionals who feel overwhelmed and overloaded prioritize what matters, plan their time, and produce valuable results with consistency, confidence, and ease. She loves helping clients implement strategies to work smarter, not harder through corporate group training, consulting, and coaching, her group It’s About Time – Virtual Productivity Program and her highly customized individual Six-Month Productivity Transformation package.

Debbie is an engaging speaker, an effective consultant, and a trainer, and has been interviewed numerous times for TV, print, radio, and online media. She was a founding member of the Seattle chapter of NAPO. She remains an active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) and Women Business Owners (WBO). She was a proud finalist for the 2015 WBO Nellie  Cashman Business Owner of the Year award. 

She is the author of the book Six-Word Lessons to Be More Productive, and co-author of 1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office. In her work, she draws from a decade of experience in  Corporate America (Retail Banking and Human Resources), her educational background and interest in Psychology, and life experience as a coach, wife, mom, friend, volunteer,  business owner, dog lover, and travel addict. Last fall she experienced a dream come true – six weeks of living and working in Spain and can’t wait for her next adventure.

More information: www.itssimplyplaced.com

Speaking Topics

5 Keys to Time Management in Today’s World

In today’s crazy-busy world, with input, information, and demands on our time coming in from so many sources and at breakneck speed, we need to get smart about how we get the important things done. In 5 Keys to Time Management in Today’s World, participants will leave knowing how to:

  • Understand the Myth of Time Management
  • Define Productivity
  • Identify Priorities
  • Plan to Get the Right Things Done
  • Produce Results with Focus

Implementing learnings from this session will enable participants to be more productive and have more time for what matters most.

Multitasking Makes You Stupid 

Experience the pitfalls of multitasking and uncover the power of focus to get more done. Learn how to apply focus in chaotic environments by concentrating on one thing at a time.

We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This.

Get ten times more out of each meeting. Learn simple techniques for conducting productive and effective meetings and how to implement them in real life.

Organize to Optimize 

Understand the cost of disorganization and learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies to organize your space, workflow, time, and priorities so you can focus on what matters with less stress.

Work Productively From Anywhere

Working from home or in a hybrid situation presents unique challenges. Learn strategies to help you control what you can, have an organized space you can work from with minimal distraction, start your day on the right foot, and stay focused on priorities to get essential tasks done, no matter where you are working.

Maximize Your Energy to Optimize Your Productivity 

Time management and work-life balance are a myth! Learn strategies to regularly practice self-care, increase and maintain your focus, energy, and productivity, and experience work-life harmony 

Email Intervention 

Manage the inbox fire-hose to keep you productive. Implement five strategies to efficiently and effectively reduce, manage and improve email quality, so it doesn’t manage you.

Speaking Topics

  • 5 Keys to Time Management in Today’s World
  • Multitasking Makes You Stupid
  • We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This
  • Organize to Optimize
  • Work Productively From Anywhere
  • Maximize Your Energy to Optimize Your Productivity
  • Email Intervention