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Roger Dooley is an author and international keynote speaker. His books include Friction: The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage (McGraw Hill; named a Top 3 Management Book and a Best Business Book by PWC's strategy+business magazine) and Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing. He writes at Forbes.com and hosts the Brainfluence podcast.

Dooley co-founded College Confidential, the leading college-bound website. That business was acquired by a unit of the UK's Daily Mail Group, where he served as VP Digital Marketing after the acquisition.  Dooley spent years in direct marketing as the co-founder of a successful catalog firm and also was director of corporate strategy for a Fortune 1000 company. He has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee.  Dooley is currently focused on spreading his ideas through writing and speaking, with limited engagements for training, coaching, and facilitation.

Speaking Topics

The Power of EASY: The Best Way to Attract and Keep Great Customers and Employees
What do your most valuable customers and employees have in common? They are LOYAL. There’s something else: they are HUMAN. We all spend far too much on acquiring new customers – advertising, marketing, social media, sales incentives, and more. A loyal customer doesn’t incur those costs, and is far more likely to do your marketing for you by recommending you to others. The same logic applies to your people – recruitment and training are the costly alternative to retaining your best team members.
The key to a high-performing organization is understanding how our brains govern our behavior. Science-based business expert Roger Dooley, a Top 50 Global Thought Leader on Customer Loyalty, will show you how simple changes in customer and employee experience can increase profits, reduce employee turnover, and cut customer churn.
Neuromarketing 2.0: Don't Guess, Find Out What Customers Really Want
Neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience aren’t just for big brands studying big problems anymore. A trend to less expensive but still powerful techniques began before the pandemic but greatly accelerated when lab testing became much more difficult and expensive. Today, a combination of new ways to measure customer non-conscious responses and rapidly evolving AI (artificial intelligence) is revolutionizing the field.
Studies that previously cost tens of thousands of dollars can be performed for a tiny fraction of that. Neuromarketing services have come out of the lab and are now offered as inexpensive software subscriptions. New tools allow evaluating not just advertising and packaging, but also in-person training, sales pitches, and live events. Roger Dooley will show your audience how they can use these new tools to cut wasted marketing expense and improve every area of their business that involves humans.
Customization: Roger customizes each keynote for the needs of the audience. Banking/fintech, automotive, digital marketing, and healthcare are among the verticals where Roger has specific content.

Speaking Topics

  • The Power of EASY: The Best Way to Attract and Keep Great Customers and Employees
  • Neuromarketing 2.0: Don’t Guess, Find Out What Customers Really Want