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Trae Holiday trained in media from a young age and continued through school, starting at Howard University and later graduating from the University of Washington- Tacoma. Through studying abroad multiple times, she learned more about the world and how culture and cities were built globally. After her family was displaced by gentrification, she began working on the solutions through Converge Media as an Emmy Award Winning Media Personality, TV Show Host, and Producer and being an Ambassador for Africatown Community Land Trust. Through her work she has been able to learn in numerous environments and use that knowledge to benefit others.

As a speaker, she has shared her experience with a wide variety of audiences. Being wrapped in the beginnings of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the corporate level, her perspectives on life helped shape some programs, policies, and initiatives looking to address racial inequality. While her career continued, she was able to make strides with community organizing and development, advocacy, media, and equity work. With a firm understanding of collective power that is rooted in her lived experience, and a passion for change, she embraces the opportunities to continue to share all that she brings with audiences across the nation and beyond.

Speaking Topics

Creating Belonging Spaces

What does it mean to have belonging in your workplace, school, community, or organization? Many entities are working to figure this out and go beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are ways to be intentional about building spaces that center belonging. Finding the right way for your space is easy when you have the proper support to do so. I help people create their pathway to belonging with authenticity, compassion, and understanding that builds bridges and is rooted in relational approaches.

Community Organizing- The Root of Power

Historically communities have understood the need to collectively use their voices for change. Building upon that history, it's inspiring to see grassroots initiatives take hold in cities throughout the country. Centering the voices of those who are the most impacted by any area you're looking to change is the best approach to implementing the solutions that will be the most sustainable. While some may have the resources to do just that, the pathway is unclear. I help bridge the gap. By sharing approaches that I have personally helped create and seen the benefits of, I guide others to craft their road to success.

DEI- What Does it REALLY Mean?

With diversity, equity, and inclusion being such a hot topic- many realize it lost parts of its value. It was a train everyone wanted to get on at some point that eventually got overcrowded. As we look to the future, what did we change with that craze? How many programs are still bringing equitable solutions to businesses and entities? How can a company do a deeper dive and find their way to success? By taking a closer look at the history of an institution, and working with leadership to deliver on its promise of bringing true equity into the workplace, I can help remove the stagnation and share opportunities that will elevate organizational culture.

Speaking Topics

  • Creating Belonging Spaces
  • Community Organizing- The Root of Power
  • DEI- What Does it REALLY Mean?