Cassie Walker Johnson

Cassie Walker Johnson

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With nearly two decades of immersive experience in real estate, Cassie's unwavering passion for effective methodologies has been the cornerstone of her success as a highly esteemed real estate agent, partnering with her husband Jeremey Johnson at Windermere Real Estate in Seattle, WA. 

Cassie's dedication as an advocate for Buyer Agreements has solidified her reputation as the industry's go-to expert for empowering fellow real estate agents. Her insights and guidance are in high demand among leading organizations, where she assists in refining agent systems and navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

As a dynamic speaker, Cassie brings her methodologies to life, making them not only valuable but also seamlessly integrable into daily real estate practices. Her presentations are energized with real-life examples and infused with humor, creating an engaging and lively experience for her audience. 

Beyond her impactful work in real estate and public speaking, Cassie is the visionary force behind CWJ Marketing, where she crafts and innovates marketing tools specifically tailored for the real estate industry.

Speaking Topics:

Value Proposition

Discover the art of showcasing your unique value to your clients in a captivating and interactive brainstorming session. Gain insight into the multifaceted roles you play throughout the transaction process and beyond, all while mastering compelling strategies to communicate your worth.

Agent Tools

Are you ready to address your buyer's most pressing questions about Buyer Agreements and understand why they're becoming essential? Do you have comprehensive buyer packets ready to captivate clients with invaluable tools that not only inform but also guide them through a step-by-step process, reinforcing your unique value proposition? This critical topic will empower agents to navigate upcoming changes confidently, putting them ahead of the competition.

8-Step Buyer Process

Unlock the power of seamlessly integrating a Buyer Agreement into your buyer process. We will take a deep dive into the art of introduction, smooth implementation, and a comprehensive 8-Step Buyer Process designed to guarantee your success.

Speaking Topics

  • Value Proposition

  • Agent Tools

  • 8-Step Buyer Process