Robin L. Shapiro

Robin L. Shapiro

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A pioneer in the Health Advocacy Movement, Robin has spent her 30+-year career helping people find their voice to improve their care. Her goal is to inspire people to take action. She regularly leads interactive presentations and workshops to show patients how. Her career was launched in the 1980s working on the goverment’s America Responds to AIDS educational campaign, including the letter to every household in America about what everyone needed to know about HIV. She continued her health communications work at biotechnology company Immunex, where she developed and launched several innovative programs designed to put patients at the center of their care.

In 2002, she founded her first award-winning company Health Advocacy Strategies. Robin went on to co-found several other companies, all dedicated to elevating the patient voice and experience. She also co-founded the Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA) to educate the public about health advocacy. Today, Robin is an angel investor and mentor to start-up companies and is Board Chair of WASHAA. She regularly speaks on patient empowerment, health advocacy, hospital safety, and other topics to help equip people with skills and knowledge to take control of their health.

Speaking Topics

Navigating Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19
Understanding how to effectively navigate medical care was never easy.  With COVID-19, the rules and life are ever-changing. And, COVID19 highlights that anyone, even those with no underlying medical conditions, may suddenly experience potentially catastrophic health effects at any moment. In this session, Robin will review the basics of health advocacy, how to tackle managing care for you or your loved ones, including health advocate tips for approaching communication and medical decision-making in partnership with health providers.

Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety
Medical errors in the hospital are the third leading cause of death in our country. A successful hospital experience includes knowing what actions patients and their families should take. Learn about some of the opportunities and challenges that hospitals face and what patients and their families can do to help. Bring a notebook and pen to write down specific tips and tools that you can use when you or a loved one is in the hospital.  This content was compiled and is presented with permission by Campaign Zero, a non-profit organization dedicated to zeroing out preventable medical errors. For more information, visit campaignzero.org.

How to Ask for the Care You Deserve
Navigating health care is typically complicated, confusing, and complex, but is necessary for the majority of us. Figuring out how to be effective in getting the care you deserve is especially challenging if you wait until you are sick or in an emergency situation. Based on her best-selling book, The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve, Robin Shapiro reveals some of the most common medical situations that everyone should know how to manage. With specific suggested questions, language, actions, and resources, this session is designed to build confidence and competence for anyone managing their own health.

Speaking Topics

  • Navigating Healthcare in the Time of COVID19
  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: A Short Course in Patient Safety
  • How to Ask for the Care You Deserve