Peter Feysa

Peter Feysa

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Before moving to Seattle to become a professional speaker and performance coach, Peter worked as a DNA biologist at Central Washington University. It was in Seattle where he created Conquer Any Fear Coaching and Achievement Mastery Systems, in addition to directing over 20 short films as a local film-maker.

Peter’s entertaining and engaging stories, mixed with his powerful performance strategies, will empower your audience to take confident action in work and in life.


Speaking Topics:

High Performance Habits: Overcome Overwhelm, Master Productivity and Time Management like a Pro

What if a few science-backed habits could dramatically increase your productivity 5x or even 10x it in key areas? 

Based on the largest survey ever conducted on high performers – these proven six habits will help you become a master of productivity in every aspect of your life, regardless of your personality, strengths, career, or age. 

You’ll be able to get more done, develop skills faster, create work-life balance, and manage your time like a productivity pro – so you can focus on the things that matter most. 

Peter’s entertaining, high energy presentation will mix stories from some of the greatest high performers who ever lived, along with practical step-by-step instruction on how to maximize your productivity immediately. 

Peter Feysa is a former scientist and High Performance coach trained in a research-backed, heart-centered approach to productivity, time management, and leadership skills training. 

Productivity Hacks Include:

  • How to maximize output with the Steve Jobs Secret to Focus 

  • How to get to zero emails in your inbox using 3-2-1 Zero

  • The secret to goal setting using the Rockefeller Method

  • Pablo Picasso’s productivity secret for producing over 33,000 pieces of art in his lifetime

Speaking Topics

  • Conquering Any Fear
  • High Performance Habits: Overcome Overwhelm, Master Productivity and Time Management like a Pro