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Dean Smith

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Dean is a high-performance coach for life and leadership and is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on the topic of forgiveness.

He has a broad range of life experiences ranging from playing professional basketball to earning multiple awards as a nationally recognized sales professional.

In 2010, Dean was the subject of an award-winning documentary film. This film has been an inspiration around the globe and chronicles his journey to do what many believed was impossible, forgiving the unforgivable.

Dean’s passion is helping leaders transform their thoughts, habits, and relationships so they can ignite their passion, increase their capacity, and improve their performance in all areas of life.

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As a dynamic Keynote Speaker, Dean employs theatrical storytelling with wit and humor to enthrall his audience, constantly keeping them engaged and alert. This unique combination not only entertains but also imparts powerful revelations, leaving an lasting impact on his attendees. Dean masterfully intertwines his own extraordinary personal journey with strategies for overcoming common mental roadblocks that surface during life’s toughest moments. As an attendee, you will learn to see obstacles and challenges in your life through fresh eyes, emerging deeply inspired and equipped with proven tools to transform doubt into determination, fear into fortitude, and resentment into unwavering resilience. Seize the chance to have Dean Smith electrify your event with his powerful message. Perfect for corporate conferences, team-building retreats, or educational seminars.


In the realms of business and personal growth, the concept of forgiveness holds immense significance, yet it frequently goes undiscussed. This avoidance is likely because forgiveness is a delicate and deeply personal issue. However, it is a critical element that can profoundly impact leadership, relationships, and individual well-being. Dean Smith’s remarkable journey of forgiving and helping to save the life of the man who murdered his mother, has been shared with diverse audiences at corporate events, religious congregations, and
personal growth conferences. This keynote stands out as a truly unparalleled experience, far removed from the conventional speeches most audiences are accustomed to. It’s an innovative blend of dynamic storytelling, insightful wisdom, and interactive elements that engage and captivate the audience. Dean Smith will give your team practical tools to embrace forgiveness in order to cultivate a culture of empathy, resilience, and emotional intelligence, which are key to effective leadership and personal fulfillment.



In this uniquely entertaining workshop, attendees will delve into the world of science-backed methods for transforming beliefs and revolutionizing habits. Participants will actively engage with powerful techniques, gaining hands-on experience in reshaping their mindset and behavior for lasting change. This workshop, with its invigorating blend of group and partner activities, promises to spark a spectrum of emotions in participants, fueling inspiration and crafting a truly memorable experience. Everyone will emerge from this adventure equipped with a tailor-made tool for personal development, uniquely designed to catalyze profound transformations in mindset and habits.


Join Dean in this highly-interactive deep-dive into the subtle art of making others feel understood. Using cutting edge practices, Dean will share tips and techniques to help attendees become more proactive listeners and overall better communicators, leading to stronger and more natural bonds with others in their day to day lives. When individuals feel understood, their walls of resistance are lowered and a reserve of trust, unity, and productivity is released. This isn’t just learning from a lecture; it’s a fun and immersive experience. Participants will actively engage with others, practicing and refining their newfound skills in real-time. Dean’s specially crafted
engagement activities are gateways to meaningful, emotional interactions, providing attendees with a safe and supportive environment where they can build confidence in their own ability to truly connect with others. As participants navigate through these shared experiences, they will get to see firsthand how well these techniques work and can be used to pave the way for creating meaningful bonds with others. Whether your goal is to improve personal or work-related communication, this workshop will deliver. More than just an educational venture; it’s a team-building adventure, fostering profound connections that resonate far beyond the session.

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