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Dean Smith

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Dean is a high-performance coach for life and leadership and is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on the topic of forgiveness.

He has a broad range of life experiences ranging from playing professional basketball to earning multiple awards as a nationally recognized sales professional.

In 2010, Dean was the subject of an award-winning documentary film. This film has been an inspiration around the globe and chronicles his journey to do what many believed was impossible. He’ll probably tell you more about that in a bit, so I won’t spoil it.

Dean’s passion is helping leaders transform their thoughts, habits, and relationships so they can ignite their passion, increase their capacity, and improve their performance in all areas of life.

Speaking Topic

The Small-Voice Challenge: Transform your thought-habits to ignite your passion, discover your purpose, and improve your performance

What would be possible for your business if you could manage to control that ongoing monologue (sometimes dialogue) in your head that convinces you to feel insecure, discouraged, and bitter?
I call this the ‘Small-Voice Challenge.’ It’s the private battle in every leader’s head that they try to suppress or avoid but eventually diminishes their passion, purpose, and performance.

Every human has a Small-Voice Challenge, but rarely do we publicly address it.

Dean Smith’s mom was murdered by his 4th stepdad, Bob, when he was 12 years old. His first Small-Voice Challenge was the bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment he felt toward Bob. After years of avoiding and coping with those sabotaging thinking habits, he finally went on a journey to heal and revitalize his mind, emotions, and choices. Dean was able to forgive, reconcile with, and help save the life of the man that murdered his mom. This journey was made into an award-winning documentary called, ‘Live To Forgive,’ and has catapulted Dean as one of the nation’s foremost experts in helping leader’s overcome their own Small-Voice Challenges.

How would your team flourish if they could learn tangible tools to better navigate the inevitable internal struggles that tarnish team unity, personal productivity, and eventually company revenue?

When you hire Dean Eric Smith, your audience will walk away with:

  • Inspiration and belief that anything is possible.
  • Simple but effective techniques to overcome the critical inner-voice.
  • A new awareness and ability to control their own thoughts and emotions so they can re-ignite their passion and invigorate their personal power.

Speaking Topics

  • The Small-Voice Challenge: Transform your thought-habits to ignite your passion, discover your purpose, and improve your performance