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Jedidiah Collins

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JEDIDIAH COLLINS, CFP® is a Behavioral Coach and Founder of Money Vehicle. After being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2008, he played seven seasons in the NFL while studying for the Certification in Financial Planning in the off seasons.

Today, Jedidiah’s mission is to empower students, athletes, and professionals with the behaviors needed to eliminate the gap between the potential of their goals and the success they desire!

As a former NFL player, Jedidiah translates the mindset he learned on the field to other areas of life, whether it’s personal or professional. He has empowered groups at Amazon, NFL, F5, CBRE, DocuSign, Sotheby’s, and MLB, among others.

Jedidiah is a passionate advocate for greater financial awareness and has worked closely with countless individuals in the hope they begin to own their financial future. Jedidiah is an author, speaker, and—most importantly—a husband and father.

Speaking Topic

Mindset and Momentum

Former NFL player Jedidiah Collins, gives a unique perspective on what it takes to maintain momentum through failure. Training your team on how to accomplish great things both as an individual and as a team.

The question we must ask, and answer is - What does it take to Be A Pro?

Jed dives into the three qualities he saw in every Veteran and how they translate into being a successful teammate. In this session you will explore how to be more confident in yourself, build trust within your team, and how to always add value to your customers. Together we will all begin to make our minds go to work for us on the road to achieving success at work or at home.

Jed shares the lessons he learned while playing with and failing next to the best in the world both in the football and professional worlds, delivering a down to earth and engaging message – Be A Pro!

Financial Empowerment is a Necessary Skill for Survival

Why empowerment and not education? Because education without action fails! So, now what? You weren’t taught personal finance in school and it seems everyone in the real world is just trying to sell you something. Where are you supposed to learn how money works? More importantly, how to make money work for you?

Money Vehicle is a financial education program for people who are looking to take ownership of their financial future. The program grew out of Jedidiah’s real-life dilemma of being handed an NFL check and not knowing what to do with it. Together, we will unwrap the complicated language of money and give you the clarity it took him years as a Certified Financial Planner to find.

The goal is to walk away with the education and actions to create a plan where money works for you!


  1. Why should I care about money?
  2. How can I control my money?
  3. Where are all my company benefits?
  4. How do I build an investment portfolio?
  5. Do I need an estate plan?
  6. What can you really do about taxes?
  7. Are we all feeling the same money stress?
  8. How do I buy a home?
  9. What should I be thinking as a first-time parent?
  10. When am I financially free?

Communicating How to U.S.E. Financial Education

The world of finance has changed over the last 30 years and with it so should the conversation.
The hurdle many will face is how they see money and the timeframe they see it through. This mindset is one of the first areas to address through educating more around how money works. But education alone will fail as it does not lead to application or empowerment.
Your members will all have specific needs that they are looking for in a relationship with those who handle their money. These needs can be addressed through empowering your members to U.S.E. (Understand, Strategize, Efficient) money. Truly providing the content to better Understand money, then delivering a system to Strategize their money, and always providing resources to be more Efficient with their money.
Together we will begin the conversation on how to empower ourselves and your members to begin driving toward financial freedom!

Speaking Topics

  • Mindset and Momentum
  • Financial Empowerment is a Necessary Skill for Survival
  • Communicating How to U.S.E. Financial Education