Ghela Boskovich


  • Data Is the New Business Model
  • Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field


Ghela is a self-proclaimed Fintech fanatic, and Founder of FemTechGlobal™, a network dedicated to challenging the status quo, and improving the inclusiveness and diversity in Financial Services. FemTechGlobal™also sponsors the annual Women In Tech, Banking Technology Award.

Frequent keynote speaker and editorial contributor, Ghela focuses on how to fast-track internal innovation, specifically on the practical application and comercialisation of fintech/bank collaboration. She is preoccupied with modernizing legacy banking systems, disruptive business models, and facilitating banks’ emerging technology consumption.

Ghela is an experienced solution design strategist, focused on proposition redesign for financial services and insurance. She has a successful track record in business development, revenue growth, and go-to-market strategy execution, underpinned by a sharp eye for new value propositions and a knack for translating those values into commercial reality for an executive level audience.

Ghela takes product, service, journey, and business model redesign from initial concept to go-to-market delivery.  Strong regulatory economic background lends an ability to navigate compliance mandates with a commercial angle, as well as identify new commercial opportunities in a rapidly deregulated landscape. She is a confirmed evangelist for adopting technology to nurture Customer Lifetime Value for both banks and those they serve, to transform Financial Services for the greater good.


Data Is the New Business Model
Data is the new business model, and your data is the moneymaker for everyone…but you. But that’s about to change.

Regulation is changing the game when it comes to data commercialization. Tech is changing what we can do with that data. And the nature of money is changing. This shift puts you and your data at the centre of any and all business. You and your data are what drives new revenue models. You and your data are what is being transacted. You and your data need to be managed, and you can be rewarded for that. You are the next business model.

Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field
Innovation comes with a few rules, which are often forgotten, overshadowed by the technology hype. Tune out the innovation hype, tune into the truth, and get a preview of why the next major business model is going to be YOU, not tech.

We’ll focus on lessons learned from innovation incubators/accelerators/competitions – and how these truths, when applied to the next innovation wave across various industries, will actually be focused on the commercialization of the individual. And that commercialization will happen precisely because technology is forcing us to go there, and what tech we’re going to need to manage the business of YOU.