Dr Louise Beaumont


  • Open Banking, PSD2 and what it all means for you
  • Unlocking the power of Open and Accessible Data
  • Products are Dead. Long live Services
  • The Art and Science of Data Analytics – unstructured data is the motherlode
  • Trust – small word, big dynamic socially negotiated concept

Dr Louise Beaumont works with legislators and regulators to drive positive disruption, with corporates to cope with disruption, and with start-ups to exploit disruption.

“Spend two minutes with Louise Beaumont and you’ll feel like you opened Pandora’s box and there’s just NO WAY you want to shut it! You’ll get unflinching perspectives on real-world issues, the gut-wrenching realisation you’ve been asleep at the wheel, and the biggest, happiest dose of imagination you’ve ever had. Louise is 100% human, Thinker-Disruptor, Innovator-Activator. Her ideas will grab you and shake you like you never knew you wanted to be shaken. And you’ll love it.”
Louise Perry, Director, Publicis.Sapient, December 2018

“Louise is an excellent contributor and speaker; super-intelligent, passionate and opinionated, using knowledge and facts to back up her assertions on a wide range of topics. She is also very honest, transparent and – dare I say – direct in her thinking. She’s also just a lot of fun and that makes her a joy to work with.”
Large retail bank, January 2019

“Louise has to be top of the charts when it comes to presenting. She has spoken at and moderated many events at techUK with a degree of intelligence, perception and deep understanding which is gold-dust in her field. An event chaired by Louise will be unlike any other you have attended – it will go with a sparkle and a pop, a dash of brio and be peppered with a spice of humour that will have you chuckling with glee. Plain-speaking, honest and fearless in her beliefs, Louise is a huge asset to have on your side in any argument!”
Ruth Milligan, Head of Financial Services and Payments, techUK

“Having Louise speak at the Open Banking Expo was probably one of the best decisions we made as an event organiser this year. As a launch show it was critical the event was innovative, engaging and insightful to set the tone for the future of the portfolio. All of these words you’d associate with Louise – without a doubt! I’ve never seen such a high percentage of delegates stay right until the end of the day and as closing keynote, Louise should take huge credit for this.”
Adam Cox, Co-Founder, Open Banking Expo, December 2018