Louise Beaumont

Louise Beaumont

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Dr Louise Beaumont works with legislators and regulators to create disruption, with corporates to cope with disruption, and with start-ups to exploit disruption – with open and accessible data as the guiding principle. She is an expert in innovations in Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data, with a focus on Lending and Payments.

CEO, Critical National Infrastructure “Your ability to encapsulate with an analogy the perspective that no-one else has thought of, and to make us all stop and think. You have a sharpness of wit that stops the same old same old and allows people to think differently.”

Director, Regulator “You’re extraordinarily well informed and very well networked. You’re able to pull back, see the bigger picture, understand how it fits together, and distil deductions into intelligent insight. You have great energy and drive, and you’re tenacious. You’re also an excellent communicator and, crucially, a great listener.”

Director, Retail bank incumbent “Louise is an excellent contributor and speaker; super-intelligent, passionate and opinionated, using knowledge and facts to back up her assertions on a wide range of topics. She is also very honest, transparent and – dare I say – direct in her thinking. She’s also just a lot of fun and that makes her a joy to work with.”

Director, Payments incumbent “A rapier wit, devastating directness and a huge breadth of industry knowledge means Louise can take the most complex of topics and bring them to life through the written word or courtesy of her excellent presenting and chairing skills. She possesses that rare talent of being able to be both incredibly pragmatic and direct, whilst also being immensely human, with the ability to connect with a wide and diverse range of people from all walks of life. Working with Louise is never dull, often hilarious and always focused. Conversations have purpose and clarity, and she never misses a beat on what needs to happen next.”

Director, Tech incumbent “Spend two minutes with Louise Beaumont and you’ll feel like you opened Pandora’s box and there’s just NO WAY you want to shut it! You’ll get unflinching perspectives on real-world issues, the gut-wrenching realisation you’ve been asleep at the wheel, and the biggest, happiest dose of imagination you’ve ever had. Louise is 100% human, Thinker-Disruptor, Innovator-Activator. Her ideas will grab you and shake you like you never knew you wanted to be shaken. And you’ll love it.”

CEO, Start-up “You see through the emotion, help us focus on solving the real problems and draw a straighter line to results.”

CEO, Scale-up “Your experience and deep connections across our market and beyond. It’s just really beneficial to be able to talk to you – I really value your openness and your directness. You’re unemotional when it matters and empathetic when it matters. There’s no arrogance with you. And you’re passionate about the stuff that matters to you. There aren’t many people like you.”

Programme Lead, Industry Body “Your clarity of analysis. You’re direct, honest, committed. You don’t let people down. Clarity of communication – you get your points across, and you help others get their point across.”

Director, Industry Body “Louise is top of the charts when it comes to presenting. She has spoken at and chaired many events at techUK with a degree of intelligence, perception and deep understanding which is gold-dust in her field. An event chaired by Louise will be unlike any other you have attended – it will go with a sparkle and a pop, a dash of brio and be peppered with a spice of humour that will have you chuckling with glee. Plain-speaking, honest and fearless in her beliefs, Louise is a huge asset to have on your side in any argument!”

Speaking Topics

  • Innovations in Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data, with a focus on Lending and Payments