Values Based Leadership – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Perseverance – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Overcoming Challenge – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Global Small Business – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Special Operations Veteran (Ranger) – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Manufacturing Overseas – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Afghanistan – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Free Trade Agreement Importance – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

War Zone Education – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Employing Women – (Matthew “Griff” Griffin)

Effective Leadership – (Ndingui Moussavou)

Change Management – (Ndingui Moussavou)

Expanding Your Mind – (Ndingui Moussavou)

Be a Better Boss – (Shari Storm)

The Elephant in the Room (A conversation on race and gender)  (Ronaldo Hardy)
We all know this can get a little awkward, but it’s a conversation we can’t avoid. What conversations do minorities in your organization desire to have with you? Does your leadership communicate exclusion or inclusion? Learn how to build a diverse team, and an organization where everyone feels both welcomed and a chance at equal opportunity.

The Millennials Are Here (Ronaldo Hardy)
The Millennials are here, and they aren’t going anywhere. They are both your consumers and your employees, and they are a breed of their own. Do you have trouble recruiting or retaining millennial employees? Is your organization struggling to turn millennials into customers?If so, this session is designed to take a deep dive into the mind of the millennial, and to give tips for recruiting them both as consumers and employees.

Sleeping with Siri (Michael Stusser)

Burned Out or Fired Up? Changing Your Culture from the Inside Out (Dan Diamond)

Disaster-Improv: Leading Under Pressure When it Matters Most (Dan Diamond)

Find Your Voice, Make it Heard (Belinda Fu)

Out of the Box: Create a life with meaning (Belinda Fu)

“Improvisation: Adaptable skills for an uncertain world” (Belinda Fu)

Opportunity From Crisis (Amy Downs)

Keeping Your Top Sales Talent Healthy, Happy and Productive (Ty Reed)

After Rehab – Assisting Your Employees as the Return to Work (Ty Reed)