Six Things Your Introverted Colleagues Want to Tell You (But Probably Won’t) – (Beth Buelow)
There are simple things that you can do to make your work environment (or home life) more “introvert friendly.” Here’s what introverts wish you knew that can make a huge difference to everyone’s productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Chatty Cathys and Quiet Keiths: A Primer on Cross-Personality Communication – (Beth Buelow)
Trust is a baseline requirement for any functional team or workplace; yet we often fail to build trust because we don’t take the time to understand the motivations that inform how people work and communicate. This interactive session will provide you with insights and tools to help you manage the diverse introvert/extrovert energetic styles of the people on your team.

The Space in Between: The Power of Silence in Life and Leadership – (Beth Buelow)
The world is long on talk and short on reflection. This presentation offers an exploration of what’s possible in the silence—the space in between—as well as how to tap into our introvert energy as leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers

Should I Be Telling You This?: The Delicate Dance of Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability – (Beth Buelow)
How do we walk the fine line between our public and private personas in the age of tell-all platforms? This presentation offers guidance for evaluating your personal story and determining what, when, and how to share with clients and prospects.

Three Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever – (Beth Buelow)
There’s a simple philosophy that separates leaders from managers, the energized from the burned-out. We explore how embracing a coach-approach, counter-intuitive relationship framework benefits you and everyone you work with.