Sparking Innovation at Your Company – (Shari Storm)

Small Is A Mindset, Not An Asset Size (Creating Innovation with Minimal Resources) (Renaldo Hardy)
Budgets can be tight, but innovation doesn’t have to be. Often times, we limit the potential of our organization due to our size. This session helps organizations to explore how to make BIG change with small resources.

Retro Innovation (How to pull from the past to create the future)  (Renaldo Hardy)
Sometimes our greatest steps forward come with a blast from the past. In fact, many trends from earlier decades have resurfaced in recent years to create new life and energy in products. Learn how to take the greatness of the past, and craft it into a progressive future.

Frameworks for Successful Experimentation (Brent Dixon)

Innovation through Community Activation (Brent Dixon)

Growing from Design Thinking to Systems Thinking (Brent Dixon)

Supporting Rapid Innovation through Agile Product Design (Trey Reeme)
Why do financial services incumbents struggle with innovation? Trey Reeme believes the friction keeping many great ideas from making it to market comes from a combination of technical debt, unnecessary risk aversion, and an RFP process stuck in the 20th century. Until prototyping and experimentation become embedded throughout our financial institutions, the gap separating incumbents and startups will shrink.

  • Disruptive Technology
  • Rapid Prototyping for Financial Technology

Women in tech (Liz Lumley)

Social media use at financial services firms (Liz Lumley)

Innovation Truths & Why YOU Are the Next Big XTech Field (Ghela Boskovich)

Data Is the New Business Model (Ghela Boskovich)