Building Your Business One Relationship at a Time – (Patrick Galvin)
Great relationships are the difference between success and failure in business. Patrick shares simple yet powerful strategies for integrating face-to-face and online networking activities to create lasting connections that will help you stand apart from your competitors and increase repeat and referred business.

Galvanizing Word of Mouth – (Patrick Galvin)
Traditional advertising no longer works for most businesses. Companies need to connect with people in new and creative ways or risk getting lost in commercial clutter. In this fast-paced and entertaining presentation, Patrick provides ideas for galvanizing positive word of mouth that fuels sustainable growth.

Delivering Remarkable Customer Service – (Patrick Galvin)
Whether you deal with customers directly or support those who do, providing a remarkable customer service experience is what keeps people coming back. Patrick will show you how to appeal to distinct personality types to guarantee loyalty and referrals.

Creating a Powerful Brand – (Patrick Galvin)
People want great products and outstanding service, but brand loyalty is an emotion that runs deeper. Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect to connect and communicate with brands using tools that did not exist previously. Patrick shares how to define, develop and disseminate your message to build an irresistibly strong brand with an enthusiastic following.

Startups and entrepreneurial topics – lean startup, how to form a team etc… (Liz Lumley)